Oracle Marketing cloud is an advanced email marketing automation solution designed to cater both B2B and B2C marketing teams allowing them to automate content and social marketing, targeting, segmentation, and lead management. Oracle uses integrated information from cross-channel, content, and social marketing with data management to provide tailored customer experiences across all marketing channels. Within a single platform, there are all the tools users can use to build targeted segments and execute email campaigns through a single platform.

Oracle Marketing Cloud offers integration with various sales automation systems, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM enabling marketing and sales teams to communicate effectively regarding the pipeline status. There are also lead scoring, advanced reporting and analytics features available in the same suite. Data normalization and transformation is made much more efficient with the drag & drop interface on the Campaign Canvas.

Pricing: The software is priced best for large organizations with huge marketing budgets. It starts at $2000/month.

USP: Oracle Marketing Cloud supports integration with over 700 applications. It has the ability to easily create targeted campaigns across multiple marketing channels, which encourages strong alignment between sales and marketing.

Support: Support is offered via online channels and phone.

Product Advantages: Easy to use and intuitive User Interface. Feature rich and complex

Product Limitations: Overly pricey. Extensive set up and implementation process.

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle Marketing Cloud reviews

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Comercial Li S.A.

501-1,000 employees

April 2019

Marketing Automation

We used it to organize large-scale projects involving information sharing across all available communication channels, maximizing our team's use of the system and productive work. This is a great platform for our customers. It helps with discipline, coordination, order and positive effect. It is a tool that helps mechanize the advertising of your organization by email, works from the perspective of the dealer and to address the issues of the purchaser. It incorporates splendidly with interpersonal organizations known to all, this will enable your administration to go somewhat further. It is the perfect platform for carrying out marketing campaigns.

It is a complete tool. It has subtleties like any other application yet nothing that has not been comprehended with time and updates of it.


Rebel Foods

1,001-5,000 employees

April 2019

Oracle Marketing Cloud Review

Generally speaking, my activity completes acceptably using this product. The client assistance is useful in the event that I face any issue using the product. I use it for email marketing and SMS. It is easy to create newsletters. I get the alternative of legitimately gluing my HTML code and the template is prepared. On the off chance that somebody isn't a coder, at that point, he/she has the choice of making the layout by drag and drop alternatives.

I for one discover the product a bit complex. There are heaps of steps to be taken to complete a thing that I believe is redundant. Likewise, the UI is old.


Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

10,000+ employees

March 2019


We use it for our advertising needs, for the most part, lead scoring and email marketing. Consistent incorporation with other tools like Dynamics, salesforce, etc. Social combination, for example, Twitter and Facebook give you an understanding of internet-based campaigns, this has helped us a lot. Additionally, the hyper cloud feature is cool which is used to make customized small-scale sites using dynamic user content.

They need to improve their customer support, and the reporting feature that they offer can be improvised.



11-50 employees

January 2019

Email Marketing

The tool is robust. It has a decent campaign scheduler.

The UI is very poor and counter-intuitive, you need to have a dedicated professional to program it. Limited detailing, intuitive and structure capacities are inadequate. Client care is exceptionally terrible, each group in the organization has no clue what the other is doing, very complicated and disappointing.



10,000+ employees

January 2019

Marketing Automation Solution

A flexible collection of features that allows you to organize advertising targeting across multiple channels.

The solution's price is quite high, as it is the best of breeds solution, but worth every penny in terms of effective targeted marketing.

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