Percolate is an all in one software that is used to create a plan and ensure execution of the plan by marketers all across the world. It also offers a great coordination facility between teams, channels and marketers through its planning and campaign management system. Percolate marketing and management feature provides a healthy platform to stimulus content, distribution, management and analysis.

You can track work from the start to end through Percolate’s task management system. It offers to publish the content to different marketing channels from social and traditional marketing channels. Through percolate, users can view the insights of content that helps to improve the performance. This feature enables the users to distinguish the area which needs improvement.

Benefits: With Percolate, there is no need to update spreadsheets etc. because every marketing activity is visible whether it’s a global initiative or by an individual.

USP: It distributes content to multiple marketing channels like social media websites and blogs. Percolates also allows users to distribute content to any customized destination.

Limitation: The software doesn’t provide a search panel. If users have to find any data, they have to scroll down the activity of whole day.

Pricing: Percolate pricing depends on the platform. Users can get the pricing details by contacting the vendors.

Support: Percolate provides good customer services. You can get the support by visiting their website and giving a bit of the required details.


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