Planetrehab EHR Software

Planetrehab EHR Software is a practice management software for Occupational, Speech, and Physical therapists. It automates and streamlines daily tasks for therapists and allows them to schedule appointments, submit prescription notes, and enter patient data through a simple user interface that requires little to no training. Their easy-to-use practice management platform offers treatment documentation, patient management, electronic and paper billing, single or multi-clinic management, reporting, insurance management, and scheduling for unlimited users and workstation installations.

This rehab software adheres to HIPAA guidelines and helps clinicians reduce expenses while increasing the overall productivity of their single or multi-clinic therapy company. Planetrehab’s intuitive interface sends timely SMS and email reminders to patients, ensuring proper claim submissions and reducing no-shows. The software's quick documentation and real-time data retrieval features enable therapists to spend more time with their patients, which they otherwise spend on managing clinical tasks.

Planetrehab offers an intuitive user interface. It allows clinic staff and therapists to enter patient data, submit prescription notes, and schedule appointments without any training. Users can color code appointments and calendar based on pre-defined criteria. The platform can store history and patient records, including the name of the patient, present employer and past appointments with the practice, patient's insurance company details, and more. The Planetrehab software centralizes patient information and allows users to create custom reports in MS Excel and run pre-defined reports. Besides, it provides regular fee upgrades to users. 

Planetrehab Pricing: Their pricing plan starts at $500/month.

Free Trial: Yes.

Planetrehab Support: The vendor offers business hour support.

Planetrehab USP: Planetrehab can either be deployed on-premise or hosted in the cloud.

Planetrehab Advantages: The software can store entire patient records and history, including their insurance information, past appointments with the clinic, name, area, and present work details.

Planetrehab Limitations: The system is not cloud-based, making it difficult for the users to log in to their accounts from different devices.

Today's most popular FAQs

Does Planetrehab have a telemedicine solution.

No, Planetrehab does not have a telemedicine solution.

Is Planetrehab a good fit for large practices?

No, Planetrehab is suitable for small or medium-sized practices.

Planetrehab EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews


Eric M.

Owner, Physical therapist

1 employee

September 2020

Wonderful experience, great software

Customer service is fantastic. I love how you can access information so easily and all the records are saved.

Not many cons.


Energize physical therapy

2-10 employees

September 2020

Not so user friendly

The customer service is excellent. Every problem is acknowledged and resolved at the said time. The staff is just super friendly and just a call away.

The system is hard to use. Not everybody can understand the features. It lags a lot and crashes often too. It's also not cloud-based which is a huge flaw.

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Call us at

(661) 384-7070