PlanGuru is a web-based accounting tool designed to serve small to midsized businesses. The software offers budgeting, forecasting, financial planning and Performance reviewing capabilities. Integration with tools like Microsoft Excel and Quickbooks is available for easy implementation and utility for businesses of all types and sizes. Both cloud hosting and on-premise deployment options are available.

The on-premise accounting software offers projections and analytics capabilities far beyond the scope of standard accounting software commonly available. This allows for PlanGuru users to obtain more accurate analysis to in less time and simplify complex budgeting and forecasting practices. Users are also offered advanced reporting Excel add-in which allows accountants to manage PlanGuru data in Excel and build reports.

The software offers an extensive range of computational capabilities usually only found in advanced ERP solutions that cost tens of thousands and tend to be exceedingly complex to install, implement and learn to use.

Pricing: The packages offered include, Startup at $99, Basic at $399 and Enhanced at $799. Free trial is also available.

USP: PlanGuru Analytics come with a fully customizable interface helping accountants and financial advisors to monitor key financial KPIs for tracking business performance.

Support: Support can be reached via email and phone.

Product Advantages: cloud-based finance dashboard and reporting tool. Ability to create private as well as shared dashboards, compare actual expenditure against planned budgets and use various charts and graphs for financial reporting.

Product Limitations: Inconsistent performance sometimes. The app would crash all of a sudden. Cannot print report from the analytics tool. Lacks flexibility in some aspects.


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