Practice Mate by Office Ally is a free practice management software with an affordable yet comprehensive electronic health record option. It is used by more than 330,000 medical providers in the United States. The software is web-based and offers all functionalities needed to manage a practice such as patient scheduling, appointment reminders, billing, and reports.

EHR 24/7 is Office Ally EHR, nominally priced at approximately $30 per month per provider. Practices using Practice Mate EHR Software also get to use their flagship product i.e., Office Ally Clearinghouse for free. Users can submit claims electronically to more than 5,000 payers, enjoy reduced denials due to automatic claim scrubbing before submission, and track each claim's status.

CPT and PPT codes are automatically generated and added into claims since they are integrated with the practice management software. Physicians can customize your soap notes, set limitations on user access, and generally perform most clinical tasks with ease. The platform includes a reporting module that helps clinical staff search by name, type of insurance, tax ID, etc. With Practice Mate, users don't need any contract to sign.

The vendor also offers a free patient portal through which patients can schedule or change appointments, make online payments, or fill forms.

Practice Mate Pricing: EHR 24/7 costs $29.99 per month, per user. Practice Ally, Clearinghouse and patient portal are available at zero charge.

Practice Mate Support: The software offers 24/7 Customer Support via phone and email.

Practice Mate Pros: Practice Mate takes care of a practice’s billing and scheduling. It rarely has issues with denied claims. Users can easily catch mistakes before being sent out. It comes at a low cost, allows users to set text, phone, and email reminders.

Practice Mate Cons: The software cannot link a reminder system to a phone number, and uses a random phone number to send a text. There's a bit of a learning curve and often slows down while loading pages.

Practice Mate EHR Software

Today's most popular FAQs

Does Practice Mate have a mobile app?

No. Office Ally does not have a mobile app.

Does Practice Mate have a telehealth solution?

No, they do not offer a telehealth solution at this point.

How much does Office Ally cost?

Office Ally is free to use. There are no setup fees, monthly fees, or per-claim fees for electronic claims submission to Participating Payers.

Users have the option of purchasing EHR 24/7, which costs $29.99 per month.

Is practice mate cloud-based?

Yes, Practicemate is a cloud-based EMR system.

What software and services does Office Ally provide?

The company offers a clearinghouse, EMR and practice management software, and patient in-take software.

Practice Mate EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

15 Reviews



Vital Profits LLC

2-10 employees

September 2020

It is so good considering the price.

This software is so cheap it's practically free.

It can get confusing but again, I have not spent so much time on it so maybe that is just me.


Hospital & Health Care

501-1,000 employees

September 2020

Avoid this product for your own good.

Their billing system is the only thing they have going on for them.

The patient portal really sucks. The appointments don't show up on the portal which makes patients think they have nothing scheduled and hence we are losing business or at times patient book slots that show up as free on the portal but are not which leads to double booking. We have been offered to the solution or even a promise for a solution and are looking for another software actively!


Vital Profits LLC

2-10 employees

May 2020

Nice tool

The price. It feels like it is almost free. We only pay $35 for the clearinghouse and practice management. It gets the job done. I am still learning this tool. They are adding more features to it.

It is a bit complex for me. I do sometimes get stuck in circles, that could also be because I’m still learning it.


Excel Rehabilitation

11-50 employees

February 2020

Great scheduling features

The main reason to choose Practice Mate is due to its great scheduling features. I like how we can color-code our schedules to differentiate between OT and ST. This software has been a blessing compared to our previous experiences.

This tool just a few simple fixes and it would become perfect. A few fixes that I would require is that if they add a feature where we were able to only see the schedule of the therapists working that day. Also, allow the schedule to drag L/R to see all the treating therapists that entire day at once.


Stone Ridge Billing LLC

2-10 employees

October 2019


This software is not really expensive and is quite functional. This is a quality product, it does everything that I require it to do, and the customer support team is pretty awesome.

It has a learning curve to it, plus it isn’t that appealing.



2-10 employees

February 2019

Solid product.

I would recommend this software, as it is a good, solid software. It is easy to customize patient schedule with several views, on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. It can easily add multiple columns for day to day patient visits among several providers. I like the product, and its scheduling feature. It is great.

There has been issues with the system freezing and then have to restart it and also that the computer often crashes. I am really not sure that whether it is a hardware issue or a software issue.


Evans Family Chiropractic

1 employee

January 2019

Good for small practices

It is a really great system, it catches all your mistakes in any claims or messages before being sent out, this way we are able to send out the right and correct details. It is good for small practices mainly, especially when you have a smaller budget. It is low in cost, sends out texts, email reminders and can call as well. You can easily manage your billing and scheduling. It’s very rare that we might have faced any issues with denied claims.

There needs to be some work done to improve the system. As we can’t manually send text reminders out. Learning how to use the system takes a bit longer than you expect, as it’s a bit complicated. Sometimes the page loading slows down. The system cannot hold onto large files.


Long Grove Psych Associates

2-10 employees

August 2018

Good for small practices.

This product is like my one stop shop. I have a small practice and this product suits it perfectly. I can easily schedule appointments, receive payments, do billing, keep all the charts and all of it can be done and kept in one spot. Makes life so much easier.

It has a learning curve, so it takes time to get things up and running, which can also test your patience as well. I also don’t like that fact that the number of notes is quite limited.


Utah Valley Health & Wellness Magazine

11-50 employees

May 2018


It has been nearly 8 years using this EHR system, and I completely love it. The calendaring is great, its insurance processing is amazing. It is so easy once you learn it. The insurance claims for my patients and clients are easily done. It is a fantastic system to work on. I would recommend this system to everyone who is look for great insurance processing and calendaring.

They recently have started to charge for some of the insurance companies an extra fee, and me being a small practice is finding it hard to manage it, so I am actually considering moving all of it to TherapyNotes to submit my insurance claims. The price was reasonable before.


Colner Family Chiropractic

2-10 employees

July 2017

Super easy.

This system is quite easy to use, and billing has never been fast before this product. Billing with Practice Mate is so smooth, easy and great. No need to wait for claims or payments etc. Everything happens quite quickly without any worries. Claims are processed very quickly, and everything can be saved for billing, which makes it a lot more smooth. Adding patients and submitting claim, all of it is quite easy to do.

There are times when we send a claim to the insurance company, and it shows that it went successfully, but when asked upon the insurance company says that they never received such a claim for a particular date of service. This has happened more than once, well I’ve lost count to how many times it has happened, because it happens a lot.

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