PracticeSuite EHR Software

What Is PracticeSuite? 


PracticeSuite brings medical practices an all-in-one, cloud-based electronic health records, medical billing, and practice management software. This EHR software is designed to deliver enhanced patient service tools and improved clinical outcomes. It is a physician-driven platform enabling doctors to create more efficient workflows and improve accuracy.  

PracticeSuite software provides users with a suite of patient service tools that can be used to streamline patient flow within clinical facilities. The patient-oriented set of features includes patient kiosks, patient portals, scheduling tools, and CRM (customer relationship management).  

What Is PracticeSuite Known For?  

PracticeSuite EHR is well-known for providing users with responsive customer support and an intuitive self-service portal. This comprehensive cloud-based system is designed to help patients and healthcare providers collaborate in real-time to execute effective treatment plans. 

Additionally, patients and medical staff can access medical records through its efficient and secure digital interface provided by PracticeSuite. The software’s accessible customer service representatives are always on hand to address any technical issues as they arise. 

PracticeSuite Pricing  

There are two types of PracticeSuite pricing tiers: 

  • Basic 
  • Complete 

However, the vendor does not mention the individual pricing of each plan. The overall starting price of the software is $575 a user monthly.  

For a personalized PracticeSuite pricing guide, click on the Get Pricing button above. 

PracticeSuite Integrations   

Practice Suite practice management platform integrates with various other software and third-party applications. Here are some of its integration options:  

How Does PracticeSuite Work? 

Here’s how to use PracticeSuite EMR after its successful installation and implementation:  

  1. Log in to Practice Suite EHR using the credentials provided by the vendor.  
  2. Familiarize yourself with the dashboard and the patient-oriented features, such as the patient tab, appointment scheduling tab, and medical billing tab. 
  3. Create a patient profile by entering the patient's personal and medical details.  
  4. Schedule appointments for patients by selecting the desired time and date on the appointment scheduling tab.  
  5. Set up e-prescription services to start prescribing medication for patients.  
  6. Document patient encounters by creating visit notes, adding diagnosis details, and treatment plans.  
  7. Utilize the template feature to streamline documentation and reduce time spent on repetitive tasks.  
  8. Generate reports and analyze patient data to monitor progress and improve treatment outcomes.  
  9. Use the medical billing tab to generate invoices, submit claims to insurance companies, and track payment.  

Click on the Watch Demo to schedule a free Practice Suite electronic health records software demo. The free demo will give you an in-depth insight into the software. 

Who Is PracticeSuite For?  

PracticeSuite is a practice management software allowing healthcare providers to streamline clinical administration. It is used by physicians, medical billers, and practice administrators, and is suitable for healthcare centers of all sizes.  

The following are the specialties supported by PracticeSuite: 

PracticeSuite Features  

The software offers the following patient-oriented features: 

  • Patient Engagement  
    With PracticeSuite’s advanced two-way texting feature, patients and staff can communicate effectively and quickly with one another. This feature allows patients to reach out to their providers anytime without playing phone tag or waiting for someone to pick up the line. 
    On the other hand, office staff can respond immediately without fully dedicating their time and attention. This feature is enabled by the application’s patient management platform, providing effective contact services and quality patient care. 
  • Appointment Scheduling And Reminders 
    PracticeSuite includes an appointment scheduling and reminders feature, which is designed to help streamline patient flow. This feature assists with automated reminders and no-show reengagement notifications to provide patients with a modern digital communication experience. 
    Moreover, the system allows configurable reminders based on the patient’s location, doctor, appointment type, or multiple appointments. It creates an efficient patient management platform. This feature allows clinics to swiftly remind patients of upcoming appointments and ensure their calendar is full. 
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)  
    The RCM feature helps practices manage their services and scheduling and benchmark reimbursement rates against those of peers. The application can recoup lost revenue from unpaid claims by analyzing no-shows and canceled appointments. It can identify patient balances leading to reduced revenues.  
    Additionally, the software can also devise strategies for increasing revenues derived from routine appointments and proactive patient outreach. Furthermore, it facilitates reviewing ways to increase patient satisfaction and referrals, driving up practice income. 
  • Telehealth  
    PracticeSuite offers a telehealth feature for practitioners to conveniently manage all their communication with patients. With comprehensive practice management in the same application, healthcare practices can access patient data securely.  
    Additionally, medical practices can stay connected with secure video conferencing and video chat tools. The software allows practices to not just offer complete care remotely but also ensure the security of private patient information.  
  • Patient Portal 
    The patient portal feature allows patients to manage their health information with ease. Through secure portals, patient kiosks, and online portals integrated into the system, patients can access health care records, enter data on a secure platform, submit forms, and make payments. 
    The tool increases clinicians’ productivity as they can handle more patients at a time without any stress. This further results in increased revenues by regulating medical billing.

Is PracticeSuite Right For You? 

Data security and privacy are essential components of efficient and responsible healthcare management. PracticeSuite software is ONC certified and follows HIPAA compliance regulations. It ensures that the sensitive data stored within the system remains secure and private to avoid any breach of confidential data. 

Patient records are consistently safeguarded by the latest standards, giving customers peace of mind regarding their data security and privacy needs. However, if you are unsure whether to invest in the software, PracticeSuite reviews will greatly help. 

Additionally, you can contact our customer support experts, who will help you decide whether PracticeSuite is worth your dime. 

PracticeSuite Pricing 

  • Basic
  • Complete
What’s included
(Basic Plan Features)
What’s included
(Everything in the Basic plan, plus)
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Clinical Task Management
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Patient Profiles
  • Meaningful Use Certified
  • e-Prescribing
  • Orders & Results
  • Complete Patient Engagement
  • Dedicated Success Agent

PracticeSuite Pricing may vary depending on your practice size and needs. Please click on the Get Pricing button below to get a customized pricing guide.

PracticeSuite EHR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • Highly responsive customer support service
  • Access the cloud-based PracticeSuite software at any place, anytime
  • Improves patient satisfaction via patient engagement tools
  • Healthcare practices can offer complete care remotely with the telehealth functionality


  • Has a steep learning curve, according to PracticeSuite reviews
  • PracticeSuite offers limited customization options
  • Users need a stable internet connection to access the software
  • Users experience frequent bugs and glitches

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does PracticeSuite EHR Software cost?

The starting price of the software is $575 per user monthly. However, the vendor does not provide a pricing quote for individual plans on the website. You can click the Get Pricing option for a customized pricing plan.

Is PracticeSuite EHR Software cloud-based?

Yes, PracticeSuite is a cloud-based EHR software.

What are the main features of PracticeSuite EHR?

The main features of PracticeSuite EHR include patient engagement, appointment reminder, appointment scheduling, patient portal, telehealth and revenue cycle management.

What level of support does PracticeSuite EHR Software have?

PracticeSuite EHR software provides several support options: email, help desk, FAQs, forum, knowledge base, phone support, and chat.

Who are the main users of PracticeSuite EHR?

The main users of PracticeSuite EHR software include physicians, medical billers, treatment centers, clinical facilities, RCM companies, practice administrators, and office managers.

PracticeSuite EHR Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

PracticeSuite EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

18 Reviews


Excellent product and service

January 2023



The practice management features have been fully developed. It allows doctors to add detailed reports. Customer service has our vote.
The interface is not very intuitive and there is a long learning curve to master.

An alternative EHR software

December 2022

Lee Ann

Lightworks Accupuncture

The customer support is great as always and they have been very helpful in managing the setup and answering questions. We can get our administrative processing done in a timely manner.
They keep improving the software so no complaints.

Training was good!

November 2022


Howard Health and Weellness

This software helps me in running my practise by assisting in collection/billing and monitoring new and existing patients, the customer support is also outstanding. The software is relatively easy to use and to train new staff with.
I do wish customization would've been made much easier with this software other than this it's a good product to have in your arsenal.


September 2022


Haynes & Associates

It has an excellent Customer Service Team. They are very capable, and communication is simple and uncomplicated. The Programming Team at Practice Suite is also very receptive. They are constantly working to repair or correct software flaws.
Billing is difficult with this software. also sometimes the notes are lost which is really frustrating.

Has my Vote!

August 2022


Medical Billing Solutions LLC

This software is very reasonably priced. I also like that it saves data that helps you to duplicate your previous billing, saving you a lot of time copy pasting the information.
It can be difficult to set up the patient cases at times and it needs a few updates.

Disapprove of

August 2022

Cathina Slown

Haynes & Associates

Not much to like, to be honest, bad customer support, poor customisation and crashes often.
A very poorly designed software with a lot of issues.

Great company to work with

July 2022


Taylor Billing Services

The people who work there are great and they have helped us manage everything from the setup to the training. We are happy with our decision to choose practice suite.

Great company!

June 2022


Emery Medical Solutions

It is so easy to use and you only have to leave a voicemail and the customer service will get back to you instantly. Our experience working with them has been wonderful and they get all the stars!

PracticeSuite not for us

March 2022

Cahterine Helown

Haynes & Associates

The customer service can be contacted on live chat and phone. They always call back and do not rest until the complaint is resolved.
We do not like that it is not made for mid-range practices and only suitable for smaller clinics.

Suitable for a startup

February 2022


Compass Limb and Brace LLC

It is a great investment for a startup because of its budget-friendly price and basic features like scheduling and billing.
It is very particular about ending certain details and you need a lot of training to figure it out.

PracticeSuite is easy

January 2022


Chandler Rx

The ease of use has impressed us and we are able to integrate it with our existing email and accounts program.
It is a bit on the expensive side and we have had to increase our software budget to be able to afford it.

I love PracticeSuite

December 2021


Medical Billing Solutions

The software was really affordable for us which is why we chose it. It saves the billing codes and we can automatically enter them next time instead of looking them up.
Adding new insurance providers can be confusing because of the complicated process.

PracticeSuite is easy

October 2021


Dr. Charles Ashley Mann Associates

It has a simple interface and is great for medical as well as dental practices.
We are trying to figure out the software and there are not many resources available on their website.

Really helped our small practice

August 2021


Howard Health and Wellness

It is so easy to navigate through the patient portal and organize all the files. It made billing and collection so much easier for our small clinic.
The reporting module could be better if it was linked with the patient's records.

Does not work when you need it the most

March 2021


K&L Management

The sales pitch and training were very convincing and we thought it would be very easy to use.
As a medical billing company, we expect the software to be reliable and make our lives easier by processing claims. However, PracticeSuite fails to do that and often crashes when we need it the most.

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Call us at

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