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This solution by MicroFour can be customized for multiple specialties, including dermatology, cardiology, chiropractic, urgent care, family practice, and internal medicine practices. PracticeStudio Complete Integrated EHR offers features such as e-prescribing, scheduling, customized forms, revenue cycle management and reporting, billing, insurance verification, and processing. It caters to small to mid-sized businesses. As per Practice Studio Reviews, the software's appointment scheduler helps users register new patients on an abbreviated patient registration form and send out reminders via texts and email.

It includes ICD-10 billing codes and is a HIPAA compliant solution. With this solution, users can have a mobile application augmented for use on a tablet or mobile device. It also supports an online backup to verify, protect, and store data. Practice Studio EHR Reviews also confirm that their patient portal facilitates communication between clinical staff and patients and enables them to share lab results and medical records. Moreover, the EMR system is useful for viewing charts & records and updating data in real-time. It also sends an email notification to the patients when a physician uploads a new document in their account.

The platform's practice management system simplifies claims management for billers by categorizing claims in separate folders. Some categorized folders are labeled as Due Claims, Past Claims, Claim Exceptions, Queued Claims, etc. It reduces denials and ensures quicker reimbursements for a medical practice.

Practice Studio EHR Pricing: The details for Practice Studio Pricing are bit shared openly. You can request a direct quote by clicking on the ‘get pricing; button.

Practice Studio EHR Support: It offers support via live chat.

Practice Studio EHR USP: The software offers a ‘Practice Statistics’ feature that allows physicians and practice managers to view multiple statistical reports in a graphical format.

Practice Studio EHR Pros: The solution allows users to switch between multiple locations. It provides storage of medical records, billing, and numerous document formats.

Practice Studio EHR Cons: It is not so user-friendly. Their customer support team can sometimes be dismissive of users’ issues.

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