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Amplitude is a platform for product analytics that allows companies to follow customers using group analytics. The platform employs behavioral data to analyze how people interact with items and offers real-time tips to speed up work. The use of conversion and retention analytics aids in business growth. The features of Amplitude software include customer experience insights, a growth engine for iterating on products, and the ability to create product portfolio access for bespoke queries. 

Key Features of Amplitude

Amplitude Experiment  

Amplitude’s ‘Experiment’ is created to bring together teams from the product, engineering, and data to plan, deploy, track, and analyze product changes. It utilizes user behavioral data to inform your focus on the most important KPIs. You can also use your own feature flags or the ones listed by Amplitude project management. They will help you deliver the relevant experiment to the targeted users. You can also generate casual data for further analysis.  

Amplitude Analytics  

Self-service product analytics insights can help your staff. ‘Analytics’ you can analyze intricate digital journeys to unearth useful information about your consumers. It also lets you analyze user behaviors, characteristics, channels, and more by looking beyond the bare minimum of data such as page visits and clicks. You can either work with Amplitude ‘Analytics’ or opt for a 3rd party integration to manage your audiences in real-time.  

The Amplitude ‘CDP’ (Customer Data Platform) 

With proactive data monitoring and data planning created for your customer analytics, you can boost data confidence. It can be used for data planning, identity resolution, data governance, and audience management. With no code connectors, it is simple to set up trustworthy data pipelines and reuse existing ones. This allows teams to design and release products quicker than ever before by bringing product teams closer to consumer data. Moreover, you can increase corporate productivity by managing consumer data through a single system.  

Amplitude Pricing 

The Amplitude pricing is based on each product and the plan that you opt for. The Amplitude cost of Analytics is divided into three plans. The Amplitude Recommend feature is 2-tiered. Meanwhile, the Amplitude Experiment and CDP only support a single pricing plan. However, the Amplitude software cost is not available on the vendor profile. You can contact the sales team to generate a quote based on your team size and product requirements.  

Amplitude Demo  

The Amplitude software demo can be scheduled through the official website. 

Amplitude Reviews 

Amplitude reviews testify that it is an effective management platform that supports decision-making with accurate customer data.  

Our Thoughts 

Amplitude product analytics platform helps you by watching consumer behavior, its growth engine creates hypothesis data while also boosting successful marketing and feature ideas.

Amplitude Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Amplitude offer and API?

No. The software does not have an API available.

Does Amplitude support mobile devices?

You can rapidly access user data from iOS, Android, mobile web, and desktop websites using Amplitude's cross-platform functionality.

What languages does Amplitude support?

It only supports the English language for now.

What other apps does Amplitude integrate with?

Amplitude now provides integration with Adobe Launch, AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, Google Tag Manager, and MailChimp, in addition to an improved HubSpot integration. This is in addition to the more than 60 current connectors that reveal meaningful consumer information and accelerate product development.

What pricing plans does Amplitude provide?

A free plan with fewer features is available from Amplitude. In addition, they provide an enterprise plan for the product. Study up on Amplitude's price.

Who are the typical users of Amplitude?

Following is some of Amplitude's typical clients: Enterprises of all sizes, mid-sized businesses, small businesses, and freelancers.

Amplitude Software Pricing

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Amplitude Software reviews

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