AtTrack: Time Tracking Software for Businesses

What is AtTrack?


AtTrack is an online and offline time tracking software to measure productivity and optimize business growth. Human resource managers or small business owners can use AtTrack to track the productivity of their remote or freelance team, streamline business processes, and better understand the time taken for each project or client. 

What is AtTrack best for?

AtTrack is most popular for its ease of use and intuitive user interface. Unlike other time trackers, it works natively on one app without the need for additional browser extensions. Once installed and activated, the software starts tracking online activity in real-time. AtTrack also allows users to add time manually at the end of the day to avoid employee-push back and privacy concerns.

Apart from time tracking, executives will also be able to see employee performance at one glance and generate accurate invoices and budget forecasts with simple but comprehensive productivity reports. Avoid overcharging or undercharging clients and reward freelancers appropriately. 

AtTrack Pricing

Compared to other time tracking software in the market, AtTrack is relatively inexpensive due to its flexible pricing plans. Businesses will only need to pay for the functionality they need instead of having to invest a hefty sum for the entire software stack. Pricing starts at $3 per month per user for enterprise solutions. 

AtTrack Integrations

AtTrack is available on Windows, Linux, MacOS and is compatible with other business productivity tools like Trello, Jira, and Google Docs. 

How does AtTrack work?

AtTrack is available as a desktop-application for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. End-users can sign in with their organization email account or their individual freelancing account. From there on, they can:

  1. Click on "Project" on the user-interface and create a new project or choose a pre-filled project.

  2. Select a pre-filled task, or create a new task.

  3. Click "Start" and tracking is activated.

Who is AtTrack for?

AdTrack is designed for startup entrepreneurs, managers, and agency owners:

  • Human resources managers
  • Small business owners
  • Startup owners
  • Freelancers
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Remote workers
  • Marketing agencies

AtTrack: Time Tracking Software for Businesses Features

  1. Autofill Tasks

AtTrack makes it really convenient for both managers and team members to determine the tasks and projects they’re working on. Rather than wasting time having to reselect tasks between projects, the software’s auto-fill feature intuitively does it for you. Create tasks on the go with just one click. Save time on unproductive chores like naming tasks and projects.  

  1. Screenshots

AtTrack software takes screenshots of real-time work progress and productivity. Observe the progress of each project from beginning to end. Determine bottlenecks in a timely manner and prevent losses. Create more accurate invoices for clients and present proof of effort. 

  1. Offline Time Tracking

With offline task management, users are empowered to add their time manually rather than activating an always-on online tracking. Managers will be able delve further into your team's routine and determine why and how they spend time offline during work hours with the help of detailed reports. 

  1. Modules

Build your ideal time tracker for yourself and pay only for the features that are relevant to you with a module-based pricing plan. Save money on features that won’t contribute to your business growth.

  1. Invoicing

Generate invoices in one-click for your clients according to the time spent on specific tasks and projects. 

  1. Integrations

Use AtTrack together with popular productivity tools like Trello and Jira.

  1. App and URL tracking

See exactly how much time your employees spend on apps and websites crucial for completing their work tasks. AtTrack begins tracking URLs and apps once a user sets a timer. If you’re an administrator, you’ll be able to categorize websites and apps into three branches: Productive, Neutral, and Unproductive. 

  1. Reports

See employee productivity levels at a glance with powerful reports. Reports come with a list of job tasks and the extent to which each team member completed them on selected dates. The data is presented in tabular form, grouped by dates, employees, recorded time, project/client, and duration. 

  1. Identify Burnout

Monitor each employee’s activity and productivity levels in real-time and find out who is overloaded or underperforming. Reassign tasks and delegate efficiently. AtTrack can also automatically create meetings with employees who are experiencing burnout. 

Is AtTrack Right for Me?

AtTrack is best for small business owners and marketing/content agencies with remote or freelance teams. 

Compared to other time trackers in the market, AtTrack is a relatively new-comer. This means lower prices and attentive customer support, but the downside is that some functions (such as reporting systems) haven’t been developed to reach their full potential. 

Online, users rave about how easy it is to set AtTrack up and get started, with one reviewer saying it took them less than an hour to learn how to use the entire software. Its simple and modern-looking user interface is also a favorite among users.

However, some users reported having issues with the Microsoft version of the software, while others comment that the productivity reports are not very user-friendly.

AtTrack Pricing

You can try out AtTrack for free for a month without having to put in your credit card details. From there on, there are three pricing tiers:


Convenient tool for your basic time tracking needs

$0 / month

Perfect for freelancers and small teams

$3 / month for 1 user

Enjoy all AtTrack’s features to grow your business and measure success
$5 / month for 1 user
What’s included:

✔ Unlimited number of projects and users
✔ Basic time tracking
✔ Offline time tracking
✔ Editing tracked time
✔ Auto task creation
✔ Detailed reports
✔ 3 months of data storage
✔ 3 months of screenshot storage
What’s included:

✔ Everything in Basic, plus…
✔ Productivity levels of each user
✔ Productivity reports
✔ 1 year of data storage
✔ 6 months of screenshot storage
What’s included:

✔ Everything in Pro, plus…
✔ Timesheets and attendance
✔ Individual effectiveness settings
✔ Application usage reports
✔ Effectiveness levels for employees
✔ Ability to share data access with clients
✔ 2 years of data storage
✔ 6 months of screenshot storage
Add-on modules:

Jira integration $0.5 / user
Trello integration $0.5 / user
Screenshots $1 / user
Invoicing $1 / user
Detailed screenshots $1 / user
Add-on modules:

Jira integration Included
Trello integration Included
Screenshots Included
Invoicing $1 / user
Detailed screenshots $1 / user
Add-on modules:

Jira integration Included
Trello integration Included
Screenshots Included
Invoicing Included
Detailed screenshots $1 / user

AtTrack: Time Tracking Software for Businesses Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does AtTrack offer an API?

No, AtTrack does not offer an API currently.

Is AtTrack compatible with mobile devices?

No, AtTrack is only available on the web.

What languages does AtTrack support?

The AtTrack software supports two languages: English and Russian.

What other apps does AtTrack integrate with?

The AtTrack software integrates with a few other third-party apps, including Trello and Jira.

What types of pricing plans does AtTrack offer?

AtTrack software offers affordable pricing plans in addition to a free trial. To get more details about pricing, click on the "Get Pricing" button.

Who are the typical AtTrack users?

AtTrack is used by small and midsize businesses that wish to track employee activity. It is used by people who want to maintain attendance and time sheets.

AtTrack: Time Tracking Software for Businesses Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

AtTrack: Time Tracking Software for Businesses reviews

Overall Rating

7 Reviews


The performance tracking tool is very helpful.

February 2023

Rafael W.

Real Estate

I am satisfied with the software due to its user-friendly interface and simplicity of usage. AtTrack allows us to track online activities in real-time tracking of online activities. In order to minimize our employee pushback and privacy concerns, AtTrack also offered us the option to manually add time at the end of the day. Besides, a time-saving feature of the application is that the managers and team members can now easily see the tasks and projects they're working on and don’t have to wait for anyone to assign them on daily basis. The software's auto-fill feature completes tasks for you automatically rather than wasting your time to reselect them manually while working on projects.
The only lagging part about the application is that it does not run very smoothly on my Windows system. I have noticed that a lot of updates cater to iOS users which gets very frustrating at times because I am paying the same amount for the software as the iOS users are.

Real-time performance tracking helps improve revenues.

February 2023

Freddy T.

Human Resource

AtTrack is an amazing software that we have been using to gauge our productivity and further promote business expansion. Small and medium-sized enterprises like human resource managers and us can use AtTrack to automate procedures, better understand the duration of each project or client, and track the productivity of their remote or freelance workforce. The software also helps us capture screenshots of productivity and job progress in real-time which helps us improve our revenue generation. Moreover, it is very simple to follow each project's development from start to finish. We can now easily identify bottlenecks that can help stop losses. Overall we are very satisfied.
I wish there was a method to keep track of the time so I could start and stop working on specific projects. For instance, if I start working on a project at 11:00, but at 11:22 I get a call unrelated to the project, the software should tell me when to start and stop it easily. AtTrack does not provide any kind of silent mode that would enable us to watch our employees without requiring them to be aware that we are doing it. Some find it odd since they assume that we do not trust their ability to perform their jobs. I hope that these solutions are added in the upcoming versions of the software.

The performance tracker helped improve my productivity

February 2023

Aryan S.

Hospital & Health Care

AtTrack has been great for my personal use and helped me improve my time expenditure by modifying my work routines. I rarely slack anymore and get most of my work done before the shift ends which leaves more time for productivity and allows me to be a better healthcare professional by improving the quality of patient care. I can track my time accurately down to the last minute and report to the MO about my task's status. Moreover, I do not have to specifically report about any field work assigned to me since ATtrack can keep track of that too.
While the application works well, there are a few connectivity issues with the software. Although they have generally stable software but sometimes, especially during home visits, I have faced connectivity issues. But we then developed a manual note-taking system to counter-check everything later when we come back to the hospital.

Automated task creation saves a lot of time.

January 2023


Individual & Family Services

I would rate the ease of use as the highest quality of AtTrack. Everything is smooth and really intuitive. It only took me a couple of hours to learn all the basics. The autofill from the active window feature is helpful when creating a task. Thank to this feature, I do not have to input information while creating a task manually. Moreover, the performance reports have really helped me focus on my weak areas and increase revenues by overcoming them. Also, the application is very beneficial for accurate payroll management.
My only concern is that they haven't put much thought into developing the windows version of the program. I have faced some issues that my colleagues on the same version have not experienced because they are using Mac.

AtTrack helped us keep track of our employees during Covid.

January 2023

Arisa A.

Information Technology and Services

AtTrack's sales team was very impressive and got us on board thanks to their friendliness during our initial meeting. We are glad that we invested in this product. It was a difficult task increasing control over our employees but AtTrack made it quite Easy. Our biggest concern was, and rightly so, staff opposition. Initially, our employees were upset to find that they will be monitored constantly during their work-from-home office hours, but it all went down smoothly. After only a short time, they realized that it was not nearly as intrusive as they had anticipated, and instead, everyone is now appreciating the fact that this software helps them concentrate and wastes less time on numerous distractions.
Our productivity has gone through the roof ever since we switched to AtTrack. However, we cannot actually see which feature is the most effective. We wish we could see the effectiveness of the data in a more visually appealing manner so that increasing or decreasing our focus on certain parts would become easier. Also, it would help us eliminate the extra features that are not producing any results for us. But as we were told, the team is working on this and soon we will be able to see the effectiveness of features as well.

Friendly and intuitive UI.

December 2022

Denis T.

Hospital and Healthcare

I have been using this software for about three months now. I appreciate how simple it is, and how the page design, color palette, and user interface all feel incredibly contemporary, unlike other software that I have previously used. It took me just one hour to adapt to the user interface. I appreciate how easy it is to understand. The autofill feature is quite useful to create tasks, saving me time and energy. As a result, I can focus on priority tasks and improve my productivity.
The only thing I have an issue with is when the software lags and slows down. I am not sure if it is because of the number of systems attached to the software or if is it just a glitch. However, I have noticed that the issue gets resolved primarily after an update which is a little disappointing as the updates arrive after a long time. I have discussed the issue with the support team but haven’t gotten any positive results yet.

Very affordable

December 2022

Sloan Q.

Information technology and services

AtTrack is unlike any other software for us. In addition to time tracking, our employees are able to create detailed invoices and budget estimates. We can pay freelancers fairly and avoid charging clients too much or too little. AtTrack is reasonably priced compared to other tracking software available on the market, and it's highly recommended because of its customized pricing.
A steep learning curve exists with AtTrack for sure. My primary problem with AtTrack is that it occasionally lags and freezes, which forces me to reload the website. Thank God it doesn't happen frequently. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know how much time I spend on each task. Other than this, I don't really have any complaints.

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