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Looking to enhance project management? Introducing Azendoo software, your agile solution for seamless teamwork and task collaboration. Stay in the loop with notifications, sync documents effortlessly, and integrate your workflow. Experience a robust and intuitive approach to project management – explore Azendoo software now.

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What Is Azendoo?  


Azendoo is a cloud-based collaboration and project management solution that streamlines teamwork and enhances productivity. It serves as a hub where teams can effectively communicate, plan tasks, and track projects. Additionally, the software enables teams to create tasks, set deadlines, allocate resources, and monitor progress effortlessly. 

What Is Azendoo Best For?   

Renowned for its exceptional mobility features, Azendoo has garnered a reputation in facilitating on-the-go collaboration. It enables users to remain connected with their teams, regardless of their location. 

Azendoo Pricing   

The vendor offers various pricing plans. Get a customized pricing quote as per your organizational needs. 

Azendoo Integrations   

The software integrates with the following third-party applications:   

  • Box  
  • Google Drive  
  • Evernote  
  • Dropbox  
  • Microsoft OneDrive   
  • Zapier  
  • Cisco Spark  

How Does Azendoo Work?  

Here's how you can navigate the dashboard and make use of Azendoo’s features:   

  • Log in to the system using your credentials   
  • Create a workspace for your team or project for collaboration   
  • Invite team members to join the workspace using their email addresses   
  • Create a project and personal task list within your workspace and specify deadlines, priorities, and relevant details  
  • Assign and share tasks to specific team members, ensuring clear responsibilities and accountability  
  • Organize teamwork according to deadlines using the calendar view feature  
  • Utilize the discussion feature for internal team communication, ask questions, and provide feedback to encourage group discussions  
  • Track task statuses and project progress using the built-in tracking tools  
  • Check key performance indicators using Gantt charts and reporting capabilities  

You can also schedule a free Azendoo demo and learn more about its features. 

Who Is Azendoo For?   

Azendoo is designed for companies of all sizes, including startups to large enterprises. It is used by the following:  

  • Marketing   
  • Administration   
  • Operations   
  • Legal   
  • Information Technology (IT)  

Is Azendoo Right For You?  

Whether Azendoo is right for you depends on your organizational requirements. If you are looking for a cloud-based project management tool to streamline teamwork, then Azendoo is the perfect choice. Its SCORM compliance underscores its versatility to safeguard sensitive data. 

Furthermore, Azendoo exhibits adaptability to various company sizes. Its user-friendly interface and array of features accommodate small teams seeking streamlined collaboration and large enterprises managing intricate projects. The software's customizable workflows and integration options enhance its appeal to diverse organizational scales. 

Enhance your organization’s project management using Azendoo. Call us at (661) 384-7070, and we will help you analyze if the software is worth investing in. 

Azendoo Pricing Plans

Pricing depends on your organization's size and requirements.

Azendoo Features

This functionality enables users to manage their subscription plans and billing details efficiently. It allows users to select from various subscription tiers based on organizational needs. The software ensures a tailored fit for different teams and project requirements.

The time tracking feature enables users and teams to monitor and analyze their time allocation. You can derive valuable insights through dedicated time-tracking analytics to enhance project management by offering a comprehensive view of time utilization.

The software's capabilities revolve around task cards that facilitate efficient task organization, sharing, and collaboration. These cards provide a user-friendly interface for displaying task details and sharing information with team members to foster collaboration. With Azendoo, tasks are simplified with details like due dates, multi-tagging, and subtasks.

This feature incorporates several options, including in-app, mobile, email, and desktop notifications. These notifications keep users informed and engaged by providing updates and alerts on task progress, discussions, and other relevant activities.

Azendoo task management software enables seamless document sharing, uploading, and attaching. You can control visibility settings for linked files to ensure that only authorized individuals can access documents. The project management software also enables efficient importing of files, providing a comprehensive solution for document collaboration and organization.

Pros and Cons of Azendoo


  • Streamlines teamwork, making communication and task management seamless
  • In-app, mobile, email, and desktop notifications to keep users updated
  • Easy file sharing, uploading and attachment
  • Seamless integration with popular apps


  • Potential information overload, according to some Azendoo reviews
  • The task assignment feature could be simplified

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