Basaas is a digital hub preaching the concept of remote workspaces. It features an integrated task and project management solutions suite to improve data flow. The vendor improves operational workflow by nurturing unified workspaces. It enables teams to work at the top of their productivity, 

Basaas is commonly known as device-independent project management. The software organizes all tasks in one single place for employees' convenience. Above all, the system supports all external and internal integrations making attempts to enhance business performance.  

Key Features

Apps Integration 

One impressive feature of Basaas project management is its productivity enhancement. It lives up to its name by boosting browser-wide productivity through seamless app integration. Running on Microsoft 365, it effortlessly organizes integrated apps and bookmarks. 

Its omnipresent sidebar service presents clients' favorite apps in one place. Also, it keeps up with notifications. Clients can switch apps in a blink of an eye. The app icons work like shortcuts saving time. For instance, users can go to Microsoft To-Do app with a single click.  

Collaboration and Transparency  

Another quality feature of Basaas software is its tailor-made approach for enhanced collaboration. It is built to work the way teams want, nurturing a collaborative workspace  Working as a digital hub, it empowers managers to create an enterprise-wide overreaching to speed up project planning process.

The company administrators can roll out company apps to feasibly share content with colleagues. As a result, teammates can readily collaborate using their preferred means, increasing transparency in project workflows. Companies can even gain insights into the app usage by company members for improved transparency.  

Task Management 

Using the Basaas project management software, managers can simplistically delegate tasks to their clients. Not only that, they get automated notifications for task completion. In addition, it allows them to keep tabs on employee performance through effective task supervision. 

Also, with Basaas software, the contacts stay at a centralized location eliminating the hassle of contact searching. Simplifying work across the board, reviews of Basaas illustrate it presents a unified calendar so users can join online meetings in a blink of an eye. It enables staff to stay notified of all updates. 

Basaas Pricing 

Basaas scores clients with its free pricing bundle. It ranges from$6.50 to $9.50 for smart and professional plans. However,  to inquire details about the enterprise cost bundle of Basaas software, you must click on the “Get Pricing'' button. 

Basaas Demo 

The demo of Basaas helps businesses learn how it improves workforce productivity with smooth project management solutions. Find the “Watch Demo” button to schedule a demo.

Basaas Reviews

Reviews of Basaas software are nothing but praises. Businesses state it adds value to the digital employee experience encouraging employees to be more productive. This digital workspace platform offers excellent onboarding services for new hires. According to reviews, Basaas is one comprehensive solution offering analytics, workplace templates, and task management services.  

Our Thoughts

Basaas is an impeccable software packing a mix of productivity, task management, and collaboration tools. Moreover, it supports remote workspaces in the best possible way, keeping projects organized and teams intact.

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