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Experience seamless client management with Daylite software. From initial contact to after-sales support, streamline every stage of the client cycle. Centralize information, enhance client relationships, and boost productivity. Integrate with other apps for a superior user experience. Discover Daylite features for efficient task management.

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What Is Daylite?


Daylite project management software offers integrated customer relationship management (CRM) and sales operation platform. It aids businesses in managing clients, sales, and projects. The software also serves as a centralized system to track communication, manage next steps, and personalize outreach, strengthening client relationships.

Moreover, you can get valuable insights into deals, close rates, and lead sources, helping prioritize tasks and streamline the sales process. In addition, Daylite fosters collaboration by enabling task delegation and automating the next steps for projects.

What Is Daylite Best For?

Daylite stands out for its unparalleled support in managing the complete client cycle while managing projects. It lets you keep all client-related information, such as contact details, emails, and sales history, in one place. The platform also lets you track a client's journey from the initial contact through the sales process to post-sales support.

Daylite Pricing

The software offers pricing based on the module and the number of users in a company. Following are the modules and their starting prices:

  • CRM – Starting at $30/month
  • Sales + CRM – Starting at $50/month
  • Projects + CRM – Starting at $50/month
  • Business (CRM + Sales + Projects) – Starting at $70/month
You can also try out a free trial before signing up. Contact us for more information about Daylite pricing.

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change.

Daylite Integrations

The software integrates with several third-party applications, including HubSpot, Morgen, Google Calendar, Zapier, and Apple Reminders. Users can also integrate Daylite with:

How Does Daylite Work?

Here's how you can get started with Daylite once you have installed the interface:

  • Log in to your Daylite dashboard using the assigned credentials
  • Import your contacts either manually or through a CSV file import for larger contact lists
  • Create projects, and give each project a unique set of tasks and appointments
  • Add tasks to your projects and assign them to team members
  • Add due date, priority level, and other important details before you delegate tasks
  • Use the Sales suite to create new opportunities, track potential leads, and manage the sales process
  • Schedule meetings and appointments directly within the software
  • Generate detailed reports on your projects and sales opportunities
Watch a free Daylite demo for more information about the software's functionality.

Who Is Daylite For?

Daylite project management software is suitable for small businesses and large-scale enterprises. It is a flexible platform with customizable options, making it useful for various niches. The following industries use Daylite:

  • Marketing
  • Legal
  • Real Estate
  • Music and entertainment
  • Finance
  • Consultation
  • Manufacturing

Is Daylite Right For You?

Are you seeking a solution for managing projects, sales, and customers? Daylight might be a perfect choice. It comes with integrated services to help you manage the complete client cycle and close more deals while keeping track of existing ones.

The software offers a robust security framework that aligns with current standards, such as Transport Layer Security (TLS), which uses signature generation for secure data transfer between Daylite Cloud and your devices. Additionally, Daylite is project-based, allowing flexibility and growth as your business expands.

Still confused about buying Daylite software? Read Daylite reviews to learn from other users' experiences, or contact us at (661) 384-7070 and talk to a live representative to discuss your options.

Daylite Pricing Plans

Daylite for Mac Features

The platform aids in organizing and monitoring all project details, streamlining processes and improving efficiency. It consolidates all project components into one place, facilitating better tracking from inception to completion. Daylite ensures that no tasks are overlooked and project progress can be visualized at every stage.

This feature allows users to gauge their project's success and pinpoint areas that need enhancement. It provides an in-depth analysis of the project's progress, helping businesses make informed decisions and strategies for improvement.

Daylite CRM offers contact management, letting users manage and organize contact details. They can also consolidate activities and communication in one centralized location. It leads to effective communication with clients and partners and a comprehensive understanding of each contact's engagement history.

This function enables users to assign crucial tasks to team members and monitor their progress. Managers can distribute workloads evenly by delegating tasks, ensuring that all team members are working efficiently.

The software enables businesses to monitor the sources of referrals and track introduced leads, providing clarity on the origin of each referral. This data empowers businesses to express gratitude and offer incentives to individuals who contribute to their business.

Pros and Cons of Daylite for Mac


  • Easy to set personal appointments as well as business meetings
  • Helps streamline all the moving pieces of your projects
  • Maintains stronger relationships with your clients
  • Handles more projects
  • Auto update function can save time


  • Buying separate modules might not be cost-effective for small businesses
  • Slows down if the internet connection is not stable

Daylite for Mac Pricing



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What's Included

  • Contact Management

  • Task Management

  • Daylite Mail Assistant

  • Daylite Calendar

  • List Segmentation

  • Mac, iPhone, and iPad apps

  • 2-way syncing with Apple Contacts and Apple Calendar apps



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What's Included

  • CRM features, and:

  • Sales Opportunities

  • Sales Opportunities Board

  • Sales Pipelines

  • Lead Management

  • Sales Reporting



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What's Included

  • CRM features, and:

  • Projects

  • Projects Board

  • Project Pipelines

  • Project Reporting



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What's Included

  • CRM, Sales, Projects features, and:

  • Upgrade to fit your business's needs

  • 1 user included

  • $45/month per pack of 3 additional users

  • 3 months of visible history included

  • Additional history upgrades available as needed

  • Combined total of 10 active Opportunities and Projects included

  • $10/month per additional pack of 10

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