Dovico software is a powerful cloud-based time tracking solution for small businesses that allows them to keep track of valuable billable time and costs. Dovico Timesheet is a simple online timesheet that provides information about labor availability and billable or non-billable project health. Insightful and real-time reporting is then available to highlight the user team's efforts and alleviate the anxiety associated with not knowing the project status. 

Users of the Dovico employee time tracking app can track project time and expenses from any location. 

Dovico Software Features

Project Time Tracking

Dovico project management users can keep track of projects in the office, offsite, or on the go. It gives the user a simple way to enter time and then get the time out, which serves as the foundation for timely and accurate project costing and billing. Furthermore, the Dovico time tracking "on-the-go" Android or iOS app allows for seamless time and expense management. 

Project Administration

Dovico offers transparent reporting as well as improved billing and currency conversion. Dovico Timesheet provides a more transparent experience, fostering trust between the user and their customers. 

In Dovico, the user can set a budget for the number of hours it is expected to take to complete a project or individual task assignment. The auditing system in Dovico Timesheet tracks additions, changes, and deletions of time entries, projects, tasks, and nearly every other item in the system. This essential feature is required if the user company follows regulatory and quality control guidelines. 

Employee and Team Management

View a monthly calendar of who is on vacation or out sick by using the Dovico Time-Off app. Using this simple yet powerful Dovico add-on, you can quickly assess staffing levels and adjust user project plans. 

Project budgeting and costing

Built-in features include time lockout, receipt attachments, leader approvals, timesheet consolidation, and the ability to adjust. 


Users can use Dovico project management software to create calculated fields that combine different rates and other budgeting and costing figures. Send scheduled reports to any stakeholder, as well as view and send pie or bar charts, raw data dumps, or simple grid reports in a variety of formats, including PDF and CSV. Excel can also be used to access data via the API. Dovico will also collaborate with users to create customized reports. 

Workload Dashboard

Dovico will improve users' understanding of their organizations' capacity, identify which projects are on track, and help reduce employee burnout by identifying who is over-allocated and why. Quickly filter by project and zoom in/out on the timeline to a specific date range. 

Dovico Pricing

Dovico provides three levels of service: Basic, Professional, and Premium. Basic is designed for growing businesses looking for a more efficient way to track employee time and activity. Click on ‘Get Pricing’ to learn more about Dovico Pricing plans and offers. 

Dovico Demo

Users can request a free Dovico software demo. Click on ‘Watch Demo’ to exclusively experience Dovico features and services. 

Dovico Reviews

Dovico project management is trusted by world-class organizations such as National Trust, Wirecard, AON, INSPIRED, and many more. 

Our Thoughts

The Dovico platform allows users and their employees to enter hours and expenses via timesheets. Furthermore, project budgets can be configured with alerts to assist team members in tracking costs. Its time-off feature enables users to manage a team from any location. Users can use Dovico software to send budgets and reports to stakeholders on time. 

Dovico Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Dovico support an API?

The software offers API access.

Does Dovico support mobile devices?

The software is available for both Android and iPhone.

How does Dovico work?

It is an online timesheet for employees to enter their work hours. The software provides real-time reporting to highlight the efforts of the team and the status of a project.

What is Dovico used for?

The software solution helps with tracking billable time and costs.

What level of support does Dovico offer?

Support is available through email, phone, chat, FAQs, and a knowledge base.

What other apps does Dovico integrate with?

Customer support can provide information regarding available integrations.

What type of pricing plans does Dovico offer?

A free version is available, which includes unlimited time tracking for 10 projects with five employees. Pricing begins at $10. Unlock the full potential of this software and your organization by clicking the "Get Pricing" button above! Discover exclusive deals and bundles that are not only crafted specifically for your organizational needs but are also easy on your budget. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your organization to the next level.

Who are the typical users of Dovico?

Freelancers, SMEs, large enterprises, nonprofits, and public administrations are the typical users of the software.

Dovico Pricing

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Large Organization

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Dovico reviews

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