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Agile teams can benefit from using Hygger Software, which is a product and project management application. Hygger assists product firms in the management of their backlogs, the prioritization of their ideas and features, the creation and sharing of their roadmaps, and the construction of their software utilizing Kanban and scrum. Users of Hygger are given the ability to plan their objectives, strategies, releases, and features with the assistance of intelligent roadmaps. In addition, its Kanban boards are equipped with work-in-progress (WIP) restrictions, swim lanes, time monitoring, and the ability to monitor numerous projects at once.

Hygger software enables precise tracking of time, which speeds up both billing and payroll processing. In order to evaluate the efficiency and productivity of the team's work, you should keep a log of the amount of time spent on each activity and prepare summative reports covering all of the team members, the activities, and the goals of the project. It also prioritizes the methods and selects the one that is best appropriate for the user's situation. One of the most frequently used strategies is a matrix that compares the value to the effort.

Hygger Software Features


Getting a project off to the correct start is easy when you use Hygger project management since it allows you to generate timelines that are both detailed and accurate. Tasks Lists

Users have the option of organizing their work with typical task lists, and Hygger has developed a view that caters to user requirements by utilizing custom fields.

Kanban Boards

Utilizing Kanban boards allows for the visualization of bespoke operations. Ensure that the collaboration of the user's team is both transparent and aligned.

Sprint Boards

Users have the ability to turn their jobs into sprint boards, which facilitates the ongoing improvement of projects. 


Use swimlanes to draw attention to the most important items on the board, which will help your team maintain its concentration.

WIP Limitations

Establish WIP limitations in order to reduce the amount of time spent multitasking and switching between tasks and to enable more predictable project delivery.

Value/Effort Matrix

Users have the ability to select the tasks that should receive priority based on the value/effort priority chart. Define your large bets and eliminate time wasters and maybes from the equation.

The Use of Weighted Scoring

Users of Hygger are able to create the most recent strategic criteria, assign scores to tasks, and select the most appropriate options from the ranked list.

RICE/ICE Prioritization

Users are able to assign points to features by employing well-known approaches for prioritization, which take into account four primary metrics: reach, impact, cost, and ease. 

Prioritization of Effort in Relation to Value

Raw insights and draft features are solely considered for value and effort aspects when calculating Hygger Score; no other criteria are taken into consideration.

Hygger Pricing

There is a free plan, a basic plan, and an enterprise plan available for Hygger. Free accounts come with no limits on the number of users, projects, or boards, and they come with 100 MB of storage space. A yearly subscription to the regular plan costs $7 per user (20% discount or 2 free months), while a monthly subscription costs $9 per person. It comes with an unlimited number of tasks, integrations, and storage spaces. The following pricing options are available for the Enterprise plan: an annual subscription for $14/user (20% discount or 2 months free); a monthly subscription for $18/user It comes with all of the normal capabilities, as well as unlimited API access, numerous projects per board, a branded workspace, SAML single sign-on, and Google Apps single sign-on. Premium support is also included.

Hygger Demo

Users can begin their exploration of Hygger's value and functionality without incurring any costs by clicking on ‘Watch Demo’ above.

Hygger Reviews

Great teams all around the world, including British American Tobacco, Amerise Bancrop, Unilever, and many more, put their faith in Hygger as their data storage solution. Hygger motivates high-performing teams all across the world for businesses of all sizes and for projects of all scopes.

Our Thoughts

The user process can be simplified with the help of Hygger software, which is a user-friendly project management application. Advantages can be gained from using Hygger features such as the WIP restrictions on the Kanban board, the value chart on the backlog, and the interaction with apps developed by third parties.

Hygger Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Hygger offer an API?

Yes, Hygger does offer APIs.

Does Hygger support mobile devices?

Yes, Hygger is offered on Android and Apple devices (e.g., iPhone and iPad).

How do you use Hygger?

Teams and businesses in software development, product development, design, marketing, sales, support, and human resources use the cloud-based project management platform Hygger. It is a great tool for any team with project management requirements, whether the team has only technical members or both technical and non-technical members.

How does Hygger work?

The Hygger software allows organizations to collect, organize, and prioritize ideas, assign tasks, and monitor project progress. Key features include time tracking, version control, release management, and a live activity stream.

What is Hygger used for?

Hygger assists product firms in managing their backlog, prioritizing ideas and features, creating and sharing roadmaps, and building software with Kanban and Scrum. Hygger is a product and project management application for agile teams that has built-in prioritization.

What languages does Hygger support?

Hygger software is only supported in English (U.S. English).

What types of pricing plans does Hygger offer?

Hygger's pricing plans are listed on their official website, but if you want to get custom pricing for the software, press the "Get Pricing" button above.

Hygger Software Pricing

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Hygger Software reviews

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