Mitrefinch is a project management software that provides solutions for workforce management. This application is utilized by a variety of medium and large-sized businesses. The application features time management, staff scheduling, self-service, and absence management.

In addition, a timekeeping terminal provides time tracking services. This allows the administration to keep track of all vacation and leave entitlements. Additionally, it helps to monitor working hours and leave requests. In addition, the time and attendance tool permit users to request shift swaps. Every piece of data entered into the system is saved. This data allows for the creation and customization of multiple reports. You can print these reports, send them via email, and integrate them with other applications. The application enables the testing of employees on a variety of criteria. This allows you to assess their strengths. Consequently, you can assign tasks based on the employees' abilities.

The Mitrefinch project management software is applicable to a variety of industries. This includes the manufacturing, logistics, mining, construction, government, and healthcare industries. Globally, numerous businesses utilize this application.

Key Features

Project Management

This functionality enables managers to delegate tasks, goals, and milestones. Additionally, employees can keep track of them. The application enables employers to monitor the working hours and tasks of their teams. In the interim, employees can budget and organize their time independently. This allows them to maximize their productivity and meet their deadlines.

Leave Management

The Mitrefinch software enables the establishment of paid time off policies. This is accomplished by automating leave management. Additionally,, it tracks employee hours. The system tracks time off and reports it along with other benefits to managers.

Accountability for Employee Clock-In

The application provides a facial recognition and biometric system. This reduces the amount of simultaneous punching on the clock-in machine. This allows the administration to confirm the identity of employees. Consequently, employees cannot have coworkers start or end their shifts. Therefore, it generates an error-free, flawless timesheet.

Mobile Support

This function enables employees to manage their time-keeping and submit leave requests. This is possible via iOS and Android applications. In addition, the managers can record the employees' attendance. In addition, GPS position tracking is a feature of mobile devices.

Mitrefinch Demo

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Mitrefinch Software Pricing

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Mitrefinch Reviews

According to user feedback, the Mitrefinch software reviews are extremely favorable.

Customers appreciate the ease of use and effectiveness of the features. Users have responded positively to the software and have provided excellent feedback.

Our Thoughts

Mitrefinch is an excellent tool for monitoring the attendance and timing of the entire workforce. It includes multiple capabilities for analyzing employee consistency. Thus, you can increase the organization's productivity. Furthermore, the positive customer feedback serves as evidence of the software's superiority. 

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