Mokapen is an integrated project collaboration and CRM platform designed to help small enterprises navigate successfully through various project phases. The cloud-based application allows users to define project goals, delegate tasks, track performance, and communicate with their customers from a centralized location. It offers a host of useful features, such as activity tracking, calendar management, @mentions, pipeline management, contact database management, collaboration tools, marketing automation, and more.

The software offers a comprehensive suite of customer relationship management tools that help users automate marketing processes, drive sales, and save time at every stage of the funnel. It leverages cutting-edge technology to enable prospect nurturing, improve lead conversion rates, and facilitate efficient pipeline management. Users can also use the system to personalize consumer interactions and store prospects’ contacts securely.

Moreover, the feature-rich program gives sales teams a 360-degree view of their company's pipeline, so they can get complete transparency into customer activities and priorities. It lets users identify prospects, track their visits in real-time, and reach out to them via personalized emails.
Key Features

Team Collaboration 

Mokapen Project Management Software facilitates a seamless flow of data and improves collaboration across teams. It offers a comprehensive suite of collaboration tools to help users meet goals and manage resources while viewing the full scope of a project. Overall, people from different departments can work together and contribute their expertise toward a shared goal.

Sales Automation 

The integrated CRM platform allows users to send emails to prospects with personalized messages and automated follow-ups. It also helps businesses streamline their sales processes, automate key tasks, and build a sales pipeline so they can convert leads into new customers.

Contact Management 

This feature enables teams to store contact data in a secure, centralized database. Users can get a 360-degree view of communication records, activity history, social data, and other prospect details. Furthermore, it allows them to attach documents, share actionable insights on individual records, and monitor the movement of deals as they move through the pipeline.

Mokapen Pricing 

Mokapen Software is offered on a subscription-based pricing model. Further, the Mokapen pricing for the app’s basic subscription plan starts at €29 per month.
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Mokapen Demo 

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Mokapen Reviews 

Mokapen Project Management Software has received positive ratings. Many subscribers applaud the application for its robust suite of team collaboration tools, intuitive interface, and powerful CRM solutions.
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Our Thoughts

Mokapen is a well-rounded project collaboration and CRM solution that enables businesses to streamline project management, improve team collaboration, and build strong customer relationships. It is worth considering if you are looking for intuitive, feature-packed CRM software for your small enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Mokapen offer an API?

Yes, it includes an API feature.

Does Mokapen support mobile devices?

No, it does not support mobile devices.

What languages does Mokapen support?

The software system supports English, Portuguese, Italian, Slovenian, French, German, and Spanish.

What level of support does Mokapen offer?

Users can connect with the support team via phone, chat, email, and a 24/7 live representative, or consult the knowledge base.

What types of pricing plans does Mokapen offer?

Click on ‘Get Pricing’ button above to get Mokapen pricing plans.

Who are the typical users of Mokapen?

Freelancers, large enterprises, mid-sized organizations, and small businesses are typical users of Mokapen.

Mokapen Pricing

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Mokapen reviews

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