Bullhorn Time & Expense

What Is Bullhorn Time & Expense?


Bullhorn Time & Expense is a cloud-based staffing and recruitment software. It includes a Time and Expense module to help staffing firms and recruiting agencies streamline their billing and payroll processes.  

Bullhorn software captures punch details via different time entry methods, such as traditional clocks, web-based, and mobile phones. It enables staff to track their time and expenses while giving managers the tools to manage projects and invoicing more effectively. 

What Is Bullhorn Time & Expense Best For?

The Bullhorn Time and Expense module enables employees to log their hours and expenses accurately using web-based or mobile time entry interfaces. The system allows employees to submit time and expense entries daily or weekly, with the option to track time spent on specific tasks or projects. Additionally, employees can attach receipts and other supporting documents to their expense claims, which are stored securely in the system. 

The module also enables managers to approve or reject time and expense entries from the time management console. Moreover, Bullhorn ensures that all costs are correctly allocated to the appropriate project or client.  

Bullhorn Time & Expense Pricing

Time & Expense is one module offered by the Bullhorn platform. The vendor has not revealed the pricing for this particular module. For more Bullhorn pricing details, click Get Pricing.  

Bullhorn Time & Expense Integrations

Bullhorn Time and Expense module can seamlessly integrate with other Bullhorn products. For example, it connects with the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. Such integrations enable staffing and recruitment firms to manage their business processes in a unified platform.

How Does Bullhorn Time & Expense Work?

Follow these basic steps to start using the Bullhorn Time and Expense module: 

  • Set up your company's profile. This includes adding information about your company, such as its name, address, and logo 
  • Set up projects for your employees to track time and expenses against. You can set up projects in Bullhorn by adding project details, such as the project name, start and end dates, and budget 
  • Add users to your account by entering their details, such as their name, email address, and job title. Users can be employees or contractors tracking their time and expenses in Bullhorn 
  • Set up time and expense codes by adding code names and descriptions. Time codes are used to track time spent on a project, while expense codes are used to track expenses incurred on a project.  
  • To manage approvals, configure workflows for time and expense approvals. You can define approval rules based on the project, user, or amount criteria 
  • Finally, set up billing rates for your projects or clients and generate invoices based on approved time and expenses 

Click Watch Demo to access a Bullhorn demo and learn more about the different functions.

Who Is Bullhorn Time & Expense For?

Businesses of various sizes and types can use Bullhorn Time & Expense. Small, medium, and large-sized companies across various industries will find the module a good fit, including the following: 

  • Staffing and Recruiting 
  • Consulting 
  • IT services 
  • Marketing 

Whether you have a few employees or hundreds of them, you can manage time and expenses with Bullhorn Time & Expense. 

Bullhorn Software Features

The software provides the following core features: 

Automated Timesheets

Bullhorn Time & Expense can automatically generate timesheets based on employee attendance data. This feature makes it easier for businesses to track employee hours and stay within their budget. Employees can punch time details via different methods, including physical time clocks, web-based time entry, or mobile punch apps.  

Expenses, Billing, & Invoicing

Employers can quickly track employee expenses and generate invoices from their time-tracking data, making billing quicker and simpler. The software also offers customizable payment options, allowing employers to accept a variety of payment methods as well as process recurring payments. 

Real-Time and Easy Reporting

Bullhorn Time & Expense provides real-time reports. This helps employers stay updated with the latest information about their business performance to make better decisions for the future.  

Multi-Currency Support

The software supports multiple currencies so that businesses can manage their finances in different countries or regions. The software allows users to easily exchange funds between currencies, giving them greater control over their budgets.  

Mobile App Access

The Bullhorn Time & Expense mobile punch app allows users to access their time-tracking data from anywhere, making it easier to track employees’ hours. 

VMS Time Processing

The Vendor Management System (VMS) Data Exchange feature streamlines the process of transferring timesheet data from the VMS to Time & Expense. This integration consolidates the data into one system, reducing the need for manual exporting or importing between systems. 

Is Bullhorn Time & Expense Right For You?

Bullhorn Time & Expense is suitable for businesses of various sizes and types, particularly those that need to manage time and expenses for their projects and automate their billing or invoicing processes. The module is more useful for companies with a large workforce or those that rely heavily on project-based work. 

Staffing and recruiting companies will find Bullhorn Time & Expense feasible for tracking the time and expenses of their temporary and contract workers at client sites. Similarly, consulting firms can use it to bill their clients based on consultant hours. IT services companies can also easily track the hours spent by their employees and the expenses incurred during a project. 

Bullhorn Time & Expense Pricing Breakdown 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Bullhorn Time & Expense support mobile devices?

Yes, it is compatible with mobile devices.

What other apps does Bullhorn Time & Expense integrate with?

It can integrate with other Bullhorn modules, such as ATS and CRM.

Who are the typical users of Bullhorn Time & Expense?

Small to large companies in the recruitment sector can use it. It is more useful for large workforces.

Bullhorn Time & Expense Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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