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Time Tracking Software Buyers Guide

Last updated: December 06, 2023

Accurately tracking employee time is not only essential for ensuring compliance and proper payroll processing, but it is also crucial for improving productivity and profitability. However, manual time tracking methods can be unreliable, time-consuming, and error-prone, leading to inaccurate data, wasted time, and potential legal consequences.

Fortunately, modern time tracking software offer an efficient and automated solution to this problem. These tools come equipped with an advanced suite of functionalities to help businesses gain real-time insights into employee performance, streamline time tracking processes, and create accurate internal benchmarks.

But with so many time tracking software solutions available, it can be challenging to determine the best fit for your organization. Each tool comes with its own set of features, pricing, and integrations, and selecting the right one requires careful consideration of these factors.

This buyer's guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the most important factors to consider when choosing a time tracking software solution. Additionally, we'll evaluate the top five options available in the market to help you find the perfect fit for your business.

What Is Time Tracking Software?

Time tracking software is a digital tool that enables project managers to keep track of the time spent by employees on different tasks and projects. It provides a framework to track billable hours, monitor employee activity, and identify areas where workflow can be improved. This information is collected and used to calculate employees' hourly wages, taking into account their individual rates and overtime pay.

Additionally, these technology-driven tools are designed to provide insights into which tasks are consuming the most time and resources, allowing businesses to make informed decisions about resource allocation, project budgeting, scheduling, and task delegation. It empowers organizations to optimize operations, reduce waste, and improve profitability.

Is Time Tracking Software Different From Generic Project Management Tools?

Yes, time tracking software are different from generic project management tools. While project management tools offer a range of features to manage multiple projects from start to finish, employee time tracking software focus specifically on monitoring and recording the time spent on individual tasks or projects.

Time tracking applications allow businesses to track time spent by their employees, contractors, or freelancers for billing purposes, payroll calculations, and to get insights on productivity levels. On the other hand, generic project management tools typically offer a wider range of functions such as task management, resource allocation, collaboration, project planning, and progress tracking.

Some project management software might include time tracking features, but they are usually basic and less comprehensive than dedicated time tracking tools.

In our Features section below, we will dive into the specific functionalities of standalone time tracking systems and how they can help businesses deliver projects on time and within the allocated budget.

Why Do Organizations Need A Dedicated Time Tracking Tool?

As companies grow in size and complexity, tracking employees’ time and attendance can become a daunting task, leading to errors, inconsistencies, and wasted time. A dedicated time tracking tool can streamline this process, providing organizations with accurate and detailed information on employee work hours, attendance, and productivity.

In this section, we will explore the benefits of using time tracking software and outline some of the most compelling reasons organizations should consider investing in this technology.

1. Increased Productivity

Time tracking software drive productivity by enabling employees to manage their time more efficiently, prioritize tasks effectively, and eliminate distractions. With a clear overview of tasks and deadlines, teams can complete projects quickly and accurately.

2. Better Time Management

Time tracking software for projects enables efficient monitoring and management of time, enabling users to prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and recognize inefficient activities. Managers can monitor and track employee time in a shared workspace, gaining valuable insights into their team’s performance.

3. Accurate Project Estimates

These technology-driven tools empower managers to accurately estimate the time required to complete a project or task. This data can be used to set more realistic deadlines, manage client expectations, and ensure timely and budget-conscious project delivery.

4. Efficient Payroll Management

With time tracking programs, users can monitor employee hours and automatically generate timesheets for payroll. This streamlines the payroll process, saves time, and reduces the risk of errors associated with manual entry, ensuring that everyone is paid accurately and on time.

5. Increased Accountability

These applications help organizations increase accountability by providing a streamlined way to track employee attendance, monitor breaks, and ensure that team members are working efficiently. Companies can gain greater insight into their employees' work habits and monitor their productivity in real time.

6. Efficient Tracking For Remote Workers

Project managers can use time tracking solutions to track attendance and time worked for remote employees and freelancers. The software collects and centralizes this data on a dashboard to streamline payroll and ensure accurate compensation for all team members, regardless of location.

7. Improved Billing Accuracy

For those who bill clients based on time spent on projects, time tracking software can help bill accurately for the time spent on each project. This reduces the risk of undercharging or overcharging clients, ensuring that businesses get paid for the work done.

Common Features Needed In Time Tracing Software

When it comes to time tracking project management software, not all solutions are created equal. Choosing the right tool requires a thorough evaluation of the features available. It is essential to look for software that can easily track time spent on tasks, manage projects efficiently, and easily generate reports.

Let's explore some key features to consider when selecting a time-tracking software solution.

Timesheet Management

  • Time tracking software include a timesheet management feature that provides a streamlined approach for businesses to manage employee time and attendance data. They allow employees to log their hours, breaks, and notes while enabling project managers to visualize time records in various formats for efficient payroll processing.

Reporting And Analytics

  • This feature enables businesses to generate insightful reports and analytics on employee productivity, project expenses, and time usage in a shared workspace. Project managers can also filter these reports by project type, timeline, team, or employee.


  • The best time tracking software lets users generate and send professional invoices based on billable hours. They streamline billing processes and ensure timely and accurate payments for services rendered.

Automatic Time Capture

  • This feature empowers managers to easily record employee clock-in and clock-out times and accurately calculate hours worked. By eliminating the need for manual time tracking, it improves timekeeping accuracy and streamlines payroll processing.

Mobile Access

  • It is a key feature of modern employee time tracking software that enables users to track and manage their work hours on the go, using their mobile devices. With mobile access, employees can easily clock in and out, view their schedules, and submit time-off requests from anywhere, at any time.

Payroll Management

  • The payroll management feature enables users to effortlessly calculate employee wages, track overtime hours, and generate payroll reports. It automates these time-consuming processes to help businesses save valuable time and reduce the likelihood of errors.

Third-Party Integrations

  • Time-tracking software integrates with other tools and services, such as accounting software and project management tools. It streamlines workflows and improves overall efficiency. The best ones also come with built-in integrations and APIs, which enable users to easily connect with their existing tech stack or build custom integrations according to their needs.

How To Decide Which Time Tracking Tool Is Best For You?

Our five-point criteria will help you decide which software is most appropriate for your requirements.

What you need to do:

  • Put a tick against these basic time tracking software design benchmarks. 
  • Shortlist your top five contenders; test them individually or collectively.

We have also compiled a list of the top-five time tracking tools a few sections down; they can serve as a good starting point for your analyses.

See the checklist below and remember that the software with the most checks wins (our recommendation is to go ahead with the steps listed below).

Time Tracking Software Evaluation List

  • Does the software work with your business size/user headcount? 
  • What is its level of tech expertise (only built for technical professionals)? 
  • Is it easy to integrate/connect with other tools? 
  • Does it fit your budget (expensive or cost-effective)? 
  • Is it accessible (easy or difficult for non-technical users to get started with)? 

Next, you need to narrow your choice to one-time tracking app. Visit its product profile page – use our search bar above – to book a demo or get pricing (accurate, updated, custom plan figures for your workplace) so you can get subscribed quickly.

Time Tracking Software Pricing

Time tracking software pricing varies based on several factors such as the features offered, the number of users, and the billing method. Most time tracking software providers offer different pricing plans, including monthly and annual subscriptions, with different levels of functionality and support.

Free options are also available for smaller teams that need employees to log tasks in a timesheet. However, these free options may not include advanced features like robust integrations or detailed reporting options.

Paid time tracking software typically starts at around $5 per user, per month for basic tools that allow you to track employee time by task. As you add more advanced features such as project budgeting, resource planning, or single sign-on capabilities, the price can increase significantly. It's important to consider the features that are essential for your organization and to ensure that the pricing aligns with your budget.

For more pricing information, download our comprehensive project management pricing guide 2023.

Best Time Tracking Software

Effective time tracking is a critical aspect of project management, and choosing the right software to manage it can significantly impact your team's productivity. With so many options available, choosing the best one for your needs can be overwhelming. That's why we've researched and compiled a list of the top 5 time tracking software tools.

In this section, we'll delve into each of them and help you find the most suitable solution for your needs. So, let's dive in and discover the best time tracking software for you!

Bigtime Software

BigTime is a user-friendly time tracking software that simplifies the complex task of managing employee time, expenses, and project tracking. This cloud-based solution is designed for businesses of all sizes, from freelancers to large enterprises, and offers a range of powerful tools to streamline workflows and improve productivity.

With custom user rights, project managers can limit user access to sensitive data, minimize errors, and expedite the time entry process. Additionally, the software provides daily and weekly timesheet views, customizable to fit user-defined workweek preferences.


  • Express: $10/user/month
  • Pro: $30/user/month
  • Premier: $40/user/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Key Features

  • Expense Tracking: Efficiently track billable hours and expenses by capturing receipts, categorizing them by project, and submitting them for approval and reimbursement in a streamlined workflow
  • Invoicing: Streamline invoicing and get paid faster by automatically generating invoices from your tracked time and expenses
  • Timesheet Management: Manage timesheets with ease by customizing fields, setting up approval workflows, and limiting access to sensitive information for staff members
  • Integrations: Integrate BigTime with various project management, accounting, and payroll tools for seamless time tracking across your entire workflow

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Customizable time tracking options Limited customization for reports
Real-time visibility into team members’ progress on tasks
Integration with popular accounting tools like QuickBooks

Dashboard View

Monday Software

Monday.com software is a comprehensive project management platform with robust time tracking features. Its visual interface enables easy tracking of employee productivity, billable hours, and invoicing. Users can easily assign tasks, prioritize them, and monitor progress in real-time.

Moreover, monday.com's mobile app allows for seamless time tracking on the go. The vendor offers time tracking features as a part of the Pro and Enterprise plans, which can be added to each board as a column. Overall, it is one of the best project management software solutions available for businesses of all sizes, helping them streamline task management and time tracking for optimal productivity.


  • Free: $0 for up to two seats
  • Basic: $8/seat/month
  • Standard: $10/seat/month
  • Pro: $16/seat/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Key Features

  • Resource Management: Use a time tracker to gain an overhead view of your team’s capacity and allocate resources effectively across multiple projects to ensure timely completion
  • Time Tracking: Accurately track and capture work hours in real-time to automatically create timesheets for invoicing
  • Reports: Generate detailed reports on time spent by resources, projects, and tasks to identify areas for improvement and optimize resource allocation
  • Export To Excel: Export timesheets to Excel to make invoicing and expense tracking easy and hassle-free
  • User Management: Add and manage unlimited users to track hours worked by each team member, assign tasks, and monitor progress toward project completion

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Customizable interface Steep learning curve for new users
Improves time estimates
Robust reporting capabilities

Dashboard View

ClickUp Software

ClickUp is a feature-rich productivity tool that enables individuals and teams to consolidate their work across multiple apps into one platform. The software provides powerful project time tracking features and a free Chrome extension that tracks the time between windows to improve productivity.

Additionally, ClickUp's Workload view is a unique feature that offers managers a high-level overview of team member workload, ensuring efficient distribution of tasks.


  • Free Forever: $0/user/month 
  • Unlimited: $5/user/month
  • Business: $12/user/month
  • Business Plus: $19/user/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Key Features

  • Time Tracking Cards: Track time accurately with customizable time tracking cards that can be tailored to meet your specific reporting needs, giving you a detailed breakdown of where your time is being spent
  • Billable Time Tags: Ensure accurate invoicing with ClickUp's automated billable time tags, which calculate billable time for each project and ensure accuracy across all invoices
  • Sorting And Filtering: Organize and access your time entries easily using notes, labels, or tags. Use sorting and filtering options to quickly find the information you need
  • Integrations: Integrate with other apps to track time spent across different platforms and streamline your workflow

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Ability to create custom timesheets Limited views available on the mobile app
Automatic calculation of billable time
Excellent customer support

Dashboard View


Clockify is a time tracking tool that offers a user-friendly interface and a range of features to help individuals and businesses track their time accurately. These features include generating detailed reports, setting billable rates, and tracking expenses.

Additionally, its employee monitoring feature and GPS tracking for remote workers provide increased visibility into team productivity. Overall, Clockify is a reliable and efficient tool that can help users increase productivity and profitability by optimizing their time tracking processes.


  • Basic: $3.99/user/month 
  • Standard: $5.49/user/month
  • Pro: $7.99/user/month
  • Enterprise: $11.99/user/month

Key Features

  • Timesheet: Track and log your weekly activities to monitor your progress and allocate your time effectively
  • Calendar: Visualize your employees’ time with a clear and intuitive calendar view to help plan and prioritize your activities
  • Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with popular tools like QuickBooks, Trello, and Asana to track and manage your time across multiple platforms
  • Dashboard: Get a comprehensive overview of where your team is spending their time and what they are working on with a customizable dashboard

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
User-friendly interface Steep learning curve
Includes desktop and mobile apps
80+ integrations

Dashboard View


Paymo is a powerful time tracking tool that enables businesses to track their employees' billable and non-billable activities to enhance their billing and invoicing processes. Users can generate accurate invoices and build better client relationships with accurate and detailed time tracking data.

Project managers can also use the tool to set project timelines and deadlines, understand costs, and allocate resources effectively.


  • Free: $0/user/month
  • Starter: $4.95/user/month
  • Small Office: $9.95/user/month
  • Business: $20.79/user/month

Key Features

  • Resource Management: Assign and track time spent by team members on specific tasks to optimize resource utilization and ensure timely project completion
  • Web Timer: Track time directly on your browser to accurately capture time spent on tasks and record the time entry in your timesheet
  • Personalized Timesheets: Customize your timesheet to fit your workflow and choose what is displayed on the entry cards
  • Pie And Bar Chart Reports: Export time entries into pie and bar charts to quickly visualize the distribution of time spent on different tasks and projects

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Easy to use and intuitive interface Occasional glitches
Robust billing and invoicing features
Unlimited invoices included in all plans

Dashboard View

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Microsoft have time tracking software?

Yes, Microsoft offers a time tracking software called TimeClock 365, which is designed specifically for Office 365 users. TimeClock 365 allows users to track their time and attendance, view and approve timesheets, and generate reports in real-time.

Does Clockify work offline?

Yes, Clockify offers an offline mode for its Windows app, which allows users to track their time even when they're not connected to the internet. With offline mode, users can track time on their local device and sync their data with the Clockify servers once they're back online.

Is there a free software to track work hours?

There are several free software options available for tracking work hours. Some popular options include Toggl, Clockify, and Harvest. These tools allow users to track their time and attendance, generate reports, and even invoice clients if needed.

How do you track hours in a project?

To track hours in a project, it's important to establish a system that accurately captures the time spent on each task. This can be done manually using a timesheet or by using the automated approach of time tracking software.

What is project time tracking software?

Project time tracking software is a tool that helps project managers and teams track the time spent on individual tasks and the overall project. It allows team members to log their work hours and provides managers with detailed reports on how time is being allocated. This software can help teams identify areas where time is wasted or additional resources may be needed to complete a project on time.

In Conclusion

Investing in a reliable time tracking tool can greatly benefit your organization's productivity and bottom line. By automating timekeeping processes and providing valuable insights into employee productivity, you can optimize your operations and make informed decisions.

When selecting the employee time tracking software for your organization, it's important to evaluate key factors such as compatibility with your existing software, pricing and support options, and features that align with your business goals. Our buyer's guide provides valuable insights to help you confidently choose the time tracking program that works best for your team.

To learn more about time tracking applications, schedule a free consultation with one of our experts at (661) 384-7070 and get personalized recommendations based on your unique needs.