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Roadmunk revolutionizes strategic planning through its intuitive platform, empowering product managers and designers. Simplified roadmap creation facilitates clear communication and fosters effective collaboration. It is a must-have tool for businesses of all sizes aiming to streamline project management and propel their visions towards success.

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What Is Roadmunk?


Roadmunk project management software helps teams capture customer feedback, prioritize ideas, and create visual roadmaps to communicate their strategies effectively. It also enables users to present boardroom-ready roadmaps, prioritize what to build next, and capture crucial customer feedback. Furthermore, Roadmunk provides various roadmap templates for different needs, such as product, marketing, project, and technology roadmaps.

What Is Roadmunk Best For?

An outstanding feature of Roadmunk is the "Linked Items" functionality. It allows users to link items by date and visualize them on their roadmaps, providing complete visibility of item relationships and restrictions. This can be particularly useful in understanding and communicating project dependencies and timelines.

Roadmunk Pricing

The software offers the following pricing tiers:

  • Starter - $19/month
  • Business - $49per editor / per month
  • Professional - $99 per editor / per month
  • Enterprise - customized Roadmunk quote for large-scale businesses

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change.

Roadmunk Integrations

The software integrates with various third-party applications including:

How Does Roadmunk Work?

Here's how you can navigate the Roadmunk software after accessing the dashboard:

  • Create a new roadmap by clicking on the 'Create New' button on the dashboard
  • Choose the type of roadmap you want to create from the built-in prioritization templates
  • Start adding items that represent the tasks or goals that you need to achieve
  • Create fields in Roadmunk to organize, group, filter, and pivot roadmap items
  • Use the Items Table in Roadmunk to update details, change their status, assign them to different resources
  • Visualize your roadmap with various visualization tools project's progress and communicate it effectively to the team and other stakeholders
Want to the software in action? Watch a free Roadmunk demo now and learn more about the software's capabilities.

Who Is Roadmunk For?

Roadmunk is a flexible roadmapping software used to create strategy, brainstorm ideas, and track a plan's development. It is used by:

  • Product managers
  • Product teams
  • Industries
  • Marketing teams

Is Roadmunk Right For You?

Are you seeking project management software to simplify product management and improve agile practices? Roadmunk might be the right choice.

Regarding scalability, Roadmunk can create multiple views using the same dataset, which is particularly beneficial for organizations with growing or large-scale projects.

As trusted by numerous renowned businesses, including Visa, McDonald's, Microsoft, Hulu, and Dell, Roadmunk provides secure collaboration among teams. The software offers robust sharing methods, ensuring only authorized individuals can access sensitive data and strategic plans.

Still not sure if Roadmunk is right for you? You can read Roadmunk's helpful reviews or contact us at (661) 384-7070, and our customer team representative will guide you toward an informed decision.

Roadmunk Features

Roadmunk product management platform enables users to create visually appealing and boardroom-ready product roadmaps. These roadmaps can be easily shared, collaborated upon, and used to solicit feedback from stakeholders, ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding product strategy and development (source).

With robust collaboration tools, Roadmunk ensures effective teamwork. It allows teams to work together in real-time on roadmaps, providing seamless communication and efficient execution of plans.

This feature lets users connect their strategic plans with daily tasks by syncing data between Jira and Roadmunk. It ensures that high-level plans are always aligned with the granular execution details.

Roadmunk provides built-in prioritization templates that users can leverage to create their unique roadmaps. Using a template will save time and effort, allowing teams to focus more on strategizing and less on designing.

Roadmunk offers powerful data visualization capabilities. Users can visualize their project timelines, milestones, tasks, and other crucial data comprehensibly and visually appealingly. Add items or resources for enhanced insight into project progress.

Pros and Cons of Roadmunk


  • Users appreciate how simple it is to create even the first roadmap
  • Easy to collect high impact ideas and brainstorm, according to some Roadmunk reviews
  • Roadmunk supports different formats to share files
  • Provides a robust timeline and swimlane view


  • There should a warning message to double check before you delete items
  • Support team could be more responsive, as per some Roadmunk reviews

Roadmunk Pricing



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What's Included

  • Unlimited roadmaps

  • Unlimited shareable and interactive roadmaps without viewer limits

  • 3 reviewers included per account

  • Feedback and insight collection

  • Customer Feedback submission via the Feedback Portal

  • Idea creation and prioritization

  • One-way Jira, Azure DevOps, Trello syncs & more



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What's Included

  • Everything in Starter

  • Custom roadmap color palettes

  • API access tokens

  • 5 reviewers included per account

  • Portfolio roadmaps

  • Roadmap dependencies

  • Custom weighted prioritization



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What's Included

  • Everything in Business

  • Two-way Jira + Azure DevOps sync

  • 10 reviewers included per account

  • Seamless login with Single Sign-On (SSO) integration

  • Customized training and support



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What's Included

  • Everything in Professional

  • Advanced customization

  • Custom number of reviewers included per account

  • Custom terms and conditions

  • Private cloud

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Roadmunk integrates with several third-party applications, including Jira Roadmaps, Trello, Asana, and Azure DevOps.

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