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Scrum Mate is a cloud-based agile project management tool designed to help teams track and manage tasks, progress, goals, and more. The system's Kanban board and team calendar allow supervisors to monitor task statuses, such as "to-do," "in progress," "reviewed," and "completed," in real-time, providing an efficient way for teams to manage their projects. The system also provides users with detailed analytics and reports, enabling them to identify performance trends and visualize project progress. 

Scrum Mate streamlines project management, allowing users to quickly and easily manage tasks, track milestones, and measure team productivity. With it, teams can ensure tasks are completed on time while tracking the performance of each team member individually. Additionally, Scrum Mate software facilitates collaboration by allowing team members to comment on tasks, assign labels, and prioritize tasks for maximum efficiency. Scrum Mate also comes with an application programming interface (API), which allows businesses to integrate the platform with several third-party solutions.

Key Features

Backlog Management

Scrum Mate project management software provides users with a Kanban board, which visually represents the project backlog. Users can easily drag and drop tasks across statuses to indicate progress, assign tasks to team members, and prioritize tasks for maximum efficiency. 

Status Tracking

Scrum Mate uses an agile workflow system to track task statuses in real time, allowing supervisors to monitor progress easily and ensure tasks are completed on time. Using Scrum Mate, users can quickly and easily identify incomplete, in-progress, or completed tasks. 

Team Collaboration

Scrum Mate facilitates collaboration among team members by allowing them to comment on tasks and assign labels. Additionally, it allows users to set up daily stand-up meetings, which helps team members quickly share updates and stay on track with their tasks. 

Analytics and Reports

The system provides detailed analytics and reports, enabling users to identify performance trends and visualize project progress. This allows teams to measure their productivity and make informed decisions efficiently.

Scrum Mate Pricing 

ScrumMate offers multiple plans based on company size. Click on the "Get Pricing" button, and one of our customer care representatives will get back to you within 24 hours.

Scrum Mate Demo

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Scrum Mate Reviews

Scrum Mate has received mostly positive reviews from users, who praise its intuitive interface and efficient project management capabilities. Many have also noted the tool's robust analytics and reporting features and excellent customer service. You can read more Scrum Mate software reviews in our Reviews Section.

Our Thoughts

Scrum Mate is an easy-to-use project management tool that can help teams streamline their workload and increase productivity. The software offers a suite of features that allow users to track task statuses in real-time, collaborate with team members, and measure performance trends. If you're looking for a project management tool, we suggest looking at Scrum Mate's free trial or watching the demo. This way, you can make an informed decision as to whether the system is worth your money or not.

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