TACTIC is a cloud-based project management and collaboration platform designed to streamline business processes and enable employees to work smarter. It provides an intuitive dashboard that allows users to quickly access assets, view task progress, assign tasks to team members, and track deadlines. Users can also use TACTIC's powerful workflow automation tools to create workflows that streamline processes and make sure tasks are done on time.

The platform also offers an integrated media library with secure asset sharing and mobile applications for iOS and Android. This allows you to stay connected with your team members and get timely updates on the status of your projects on the go. Many companies around the world, like Lockheed Martin, Turner Broadcasting, P&G, Adidas, the Mayo Clinic, and Technicolor, have put their trust in TACTIC.

Key Features

Dashboards and Reporting

TACTIC offers a powerful dashboard that allows users to quickly access assets, view task progress, assign tasks to team members, and track deadlines. The system also provides a real-time performance overview, allowing you to easily identify issues and optimize project schedules.

Customizable Templates

Customizable project templates in TACTIC allow you to create projects quickly and easily while ensuring that all tasks are completed on time and according to expectations. The platform also provides collaborative tools like task boards and Kanban views, making it easier for teams to work together.

Compliance Tracking 

The TACTIC project management system helps your teams comply with the latest regulations, standards, and processes so you can manage your projects with ease and confidence. The system also has automated alerts and notifications to keep teams informed and detailed reports to keep track of progress. 

Customizable Branding

TACTIC project management software allows you to customize the look and feel of your workspace with customizable branding. You can use logos, colors, and fonts for a unique look that reflects your company’s identity.

TACTIC Pricing 

Tactic software costs start at $10 per user and offer multiple plans based on your needs. Click on the "Get Pricing" button for detailed information.


Interested in seeing TACTIC in action? Click the ‘Watch Demo’ button, and one of our customer care representatives will provide you with a free live demo. The software also offers a free trial for all its premium features.

TACTIC Reviews

The software has received many positive reviews from its customers. Users like its intuitive interface, powerful workflow automation capabilities, secure asset sharing, and customizable project templates. Many users also appreciate the system’s affordable pricing and great customer support. More TACTIC software reviews can be found in our Review Section.

Our Thoughts

TACTIC is an ideal tool for streamlining complex business processes. It provides users with a user-friendly dashboard and powerful workflow automation capabilities. With it, businesses can save time and money, increase operational efficiency, and maximize productivity. Whether you are looking for an intuitive project management solution or an efficient collaboration platform, TACTIC software is a perfect choice. Give it a try today and see the difference!

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