Taskworld Software

What is Taskworld?


Taskworld is a Project Management Software that tracks projects across teams. It enables users to work smarter, manage projects, track tasks and collaborate with their team across multiple projects; all with one tool. 

Taskworld software helps managerial staff eliminate task accumulation with its task points system. It quickly analyzes and displays which project needs more time or effort and which task can be managed ad-hoc. Therefore, it tracks time spent on tasks to practically plan future goals, gauge deadlines, or process billing effectively. Overall, Taskworld's innovative task management system enables individuals and teams to organize themselves better.

What is Taskworld Best for?

Taskworld project management is an easy-to-use software that helps users streamline work processes, track time, and prioritize tasks. It is best known for budding entrepreneurs and accomplished business enterprises as well. Taskworld facilitates collaboration across different teams and ensures that everyone is on the same page through effective communication. 

Taskworld Pricing

The software offers 3 different plans: Free, Premium, and Business. The free plan claims to be free forever at $0 per user/month. The Premium plan costs US$ 8 per user/month and the Business plan costs US$15 per user/month, billed annually. Each Taskworld cost plan has its own perks, however, the Business plan sits at the top of the tier and includes unlimited users, unlimited active projects, 30 Guests, and 1 TB of storage.  

You can find a detailed comparison table of all Taskworld pricing plans at the bottom of this page.

Taskworld Integrations

Taskworld offers various integration options depending on the type of payment plan you invest in. The free plan allows integrations with Trello, Outlook, Open API and E-mail which are pretty basic. The Premium plan offers better integration options with Google Drive, Google Meet and Dropbox. Lastly, the Business plan offers maximum number of options, inclusive of Free and Premium integrations, plus Microsoft Team, Slack, Zapier and Github.

How does Taskworld Work?

Taskworld allows you to interact via work comments on each task. You can also mention people using @mentions, and trade files directly on the task location. Moreover, teams can view and access files immediately in comments or via the integrated tab. 

With Taskworld project management software, you can choose to schedule recurrent duties that are repeated either daily or annually. The task templates feature also allows you to create pre-defined tasks with teams and aids collaboration. Lastly, individual responsibilities can be easily shared between varied projects and departments. 

Taskworld employs several security measures to safeguard sensitive data and ensure user privacy. The software follows industry-standard security protocols, such as SSL encryption for data transmission and secure storage on AWS servers. It also has a strong framework for user authentication, authorization, and access control, which includes two-factor authentication and password policy enforcement.  

It conducts security audits on a regular basis to identify and address any potential vulnerabilities. Overall, Taskworld takes the security of its software and user data very seriously and ensures the platform is kept secure.

Who is Taskworld for?

Taskworld software is used by businesses and teams to effectively get tasks done. Thousands of companies have switched to Taskworld, and many continue to do so daily, including some of the world's best companies such as ACCOR, Sk telecom, and many more. Taskworld is best for: 

  • Freelancers 
  • Small businesses 
  • Mid-size businesses 
  • Large enterprises 

Taskworld Features

This software allows users to view tasks in a table, board, calendar, or timeline. It seamlessly creates tasks for each team member and sets due dates as well. Users only have to update once and they can simultaneously update and sync all projects. The key Taskworld features are discussed below:

Project Management

With Taskworld's advanced project management features such as project timelines, overview dashboards, burndown/up charts, advanced filters, file management, and performance management, users can effortlessly assign and track work. Consequently, this integral feature is cherished by all project managers.  

Time Tracking

Taskworld allows users to track time spent on tasks and get logs for each project. As a result, managers can track employees’ efficiency which results in better project outcomes.  

Powerful Kanban

Taskworld offers the most intuitive Kanban experience among project management tools. Users can drag & drop files, get image previews, add comments, assign task points/tags/labels/checklist items, and create hundreds of boards without slowing down the application.    

Built-in Team Messaging

Rather than relying on external integration, Taskworld offers built-in team messaging that lets marketing teams communicate with stakeholders and organize projects in one tool. This feature enables effective inter-departmental communication which ensures project clarity.  

Unlimited guests

Marketing agencies often work with many external parties, and it is becoming impractical to purchase licenses for all of them. Taskworld's enterprise plan offers an unlimited number of guest accounts for marketing agencies which is an added bonus for companies aiming to perfect their project management.

How is Taskworld Different from Other Software?

Taskworld claims that its Multi-Location feature is unique in the project management niche. The Multi-Location functionality allows you to assign projects to different departments and have many stakeholders participate in separate boards simultaneously.

Since this software is marketed at different plans suitable for entrepreneurs/ beginners to highly accomplished organizations, users can scale the same project management software according to their requirements instead of shifting across different software. This advantage also helps save time as staff does not need to be trained for any other management software once they are accustomed to Taskworld.  

Taskworld is a highly scalable software solution that meets the needs of both small and large businesses. It can be easily configured to meet your specific needs, whether you have a small team of a few people or a large, complex organization with hundreds of employees, ensuring seamless collaboration at all levels.

Is Taskworld Right for You?

Taskworld has received unanimous praise from software critics and reviews platforms worldwide. It includes INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT (2018), Best Usability Award by software suggest 2019, Quality Choice 2020, High-Performance Winter 2020, Spring 2021, and many more.   

Taskworld Support users at every step. They provide on-demand demos and workshops. Phone, chat, and email support are also available. In addition, Taskworld provides dedicated account managers for enterprise users.   

The reputation of Taskworld is up to the mark and users especially praise its user-friendly interface. However, as with any software, opinions on its reputation can differ, and it is recommended that you test the software for yourself to see if it meets your specific needs and requirements. You can also click on the “Watch Demo” tab to access a visual walk-through of the software. 

Taskworld Pricing


US$0 per user/month

US$8 per user/month

US$15 per user/month
What’s included:

✔ 15 Users
✔ 1GB Storage Limit
✔ Unlimited Active Projects
✔ Customer Support by Chat & Email
What’s included:  (Everything in Premium plan, plus)

✔ 10 Guests
✔ 100 GB Storage Limit
What’s included:(Everything in Business plan, plus)

✔ Analytics
✔ Bulk archive
✔ Team calendars
✔ Advanced admin controls
✔ Full security and compliance features
✔ Unlimited storage
✔ 24/7 premium support


Taskworld Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Taskworld offer an API?

Yes, Taskworld software provides an API for its users.

Does Taskworld support mobile devices?

Taskworld supports the following devices: iPad, iPhone, and Android.

How does Taskworld work?

Taskworld allows users to create tasks, set due dates, and assign them, even to multiple assignees.

Is Taskworld cloud-based?

Yes, Taskworld is a cloud-based collaboration platform.

What are the typical users of Taskworld?

Taskworld software has the following typical customers: Freelancers, Non-Profits, Small Businesses, Mid-Sized Businesses, and Large Enterprises

What is Taskworld Software used for?

Taskworld software is designed to facilitate project and task management, collaboration, delegation, communication, knowledge management, measure progress, and provide performance metrics for evidence-based evaluations within teams.

What other apps does Taskworld integrate with?

Taskworld integrates with the following applications: Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Google Drive, Dropbox Business, and Box.

What types of pricing plans does TaskWorld offer?

Click on ‘Get Pricing’ button above to get a custom quote for TaskWorld plans and bundles.

Taskworld Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Taskworld Software reviews

Overall Rating

4 Reviews


Great for organization.

March 2023

Hailey B.

NPO Management

Taskworld makes organizing me and my team so much easier. I started using it after a recommendation from a friend, and I couldn't be happier. In terms of usability, it blew my mind. I used to use Trello with Todoist to manage my job, but Taskworld is so simple and comprehensive (for my purposes) that I canceled my memberships to the other applications. In a nutshell, it does the job and does it well. It is inexpensive. I'm saving money because I previously used two programs for the same duties. It's quick and simple to use, with none of the difficult-to-understand features found in most other software on the market.
I believe that the software's main strengths are also one of its main weaknesses. Taskworld works great for small teams, especially those who don't have very technical staff at hand. It is only good if it is to be used immediately without putting in much effort to figure out how to make it work. However, if there's a need to grow up and use it with much larger teams, other more advanced options should be considered.

Properly organized and well-built.

February 2023


Information Technology and Services

Taskworld has a great layout with everything in one place. Everything I need is available and easy to spot, even for new users. It is well-organized and thorough. I like the chat tool, which allows us to message a staff member directly. And immediate feedback to the employee on their achievements in a certain project can quickly be shared with an option to make it visible to others for motivation. Our teams have been more collaborative, which has increased productivity in our office.
We have faced many difficulties regarding time tracking since access to the tracking module cannot be easily restricted. I'd like to have more control over access permissions since they currently have an option to put a block on auto-time tracking, but it can be edited manually very easily.

Great for task management with a fully featured free trial

February 2023

Carl F

Arts & Crafts

I recently used Taskworld's free version, which helped me organize, price my artwork, handle sales, and keep track of everything that has sold or is currently being sold. It may quite literally be the only software out there that does all that for free. Rest assured, I ended up moving to the paid version with even more helpful video instructions. It will be really helpful for my upcoming projects.
It needs to integrate Google Docs more effectively (a feature I've been informed they're working on). Right now, due to integration issues, project titles do not show up in a search on Taskworld if they are saved on the Docs app.

A shallow learning curve; easy to train newbies.

January 2023

Peter J.

Medical Devices

I used Trello for a long time and was generally satisfied with its performance. However, it had a very steep learning curve which was a nightmare for me as new staff and interns came in almost every other week. Upon research, I found Taskworld even better than Trello, which had no learning difficulty. It’s very similar but better at everything. There are numerous ways to personalize each entry/list. I like the ability to post a photo (or a gif!). The time track function is fantastic, and I am confident that my team and I will use it shortly. I enjoy the intricate search as well as the charts and graphs.
I wish I could see all of my tasks (whether completed or not) on the same page in a minimized form. It would allow me to keep track of what’s going on and save time by having all the required information. It usually requires many clicks to get somewhere, and every click is associated with an inherent load time which piles up to minutes/hours of wasted time every week. There’s nothing wrong with Taskworld in how it handles my projects. It just needs some polish and improvements here and there, which would make it worthy of 5 stars.

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