Trace Spend, a unified platform for budgeting and spend management. Gain real-time financial insights, manage vendor contracts, customize approval workflows, and make data-driven decisions. Streamline your financial operations and foster transparency with Trace Spend.

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What Is Trace Spend?


Trace Spend project management software, a product of TraceHQ, specifically focuses on driving spend visibility and delivering savings. It functions as a budget-to-procure spend management solution. Additionally, it provides an end-to-end procurement workflow promoting process efficiency to help teams stay within their budgets.

Moreover, Trace Spend merges spend and headcount requests with your favorite tools for planning, sourcing, bills and payments, HR, and more. This integration creates a streamlined view from plan to pay to payroll.

What Is Trace Spend Best For?

With unified budgeting and spend management, you get real-time visibility into your company's financial health. This feature is a game-changer in financial management as it brings together budgeting and spending in one platform. Instead of having to use separate tools for each, you can manage all of your financial activities in one place.

Trace Spend Pricing

The software is an add-on product of TraceHQ's Workforce Planning suite. The starting price of Workforce Planning is $2 per position, paid monthly. For information about a Trace Spend pricing plan, you can contact us.

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change.

Trace Spend Integrations

The software can integrate with several third-party applications, including BambooHR, Bob, Google Workspace, Gusto, Netsuite, and Okta. Trace Spend integrates with the following as well:

  • Personio
  • Rippling
  • Workday
  • Sapling

How Does Trace Spend Work?

Here's how you can use Trace Spend:

  • Use your company credentials to log in to Trace Spend dashboard
  • Invite team members to join the platform, assign different roles and access levels depending on their responsibilities
  • Set up budgets for different departments, projects, or cost centers
  • Team members can start submitting purchase requests with details like vendor information, pricing, and more
  • Depending on the approval workflow you've set up, purchase requests will be reviewed and either approved or rejected
  • With all your spending data in one place, monitor and analyze your expenses
  • Keep an eye on all your contracts and vendors. Get notified about renewals, track performance, and more
Head over to the Trace Spend demo to learn more about its functions.

Who Is Trace Spend For?

The main users of Trace Spend are businesses of various sizes, including high growth companies, mid-sized businesses, and small businesses. These users typically come from teams that need to manage procurement workflows, contract management, and spend analytics all in one solution.

Trace Spend supports:

  • Budget owners
  • HR departments
  • Project managers
  • Financial planning departments

Is Trace Spend Right For You?

Are you looking for a one stop shop for project management and budgeting? Look no further. Trace Spend is purchasing software that aims to save money by letting you stay on top of finance and procurement management.

Trace Spend grows seamlessly with your business, accommodating an increase in purchase requests, project management needs, and vendor contracts. This scalability ensures that as your small or mid-size business expands, your spend management solution can keep pace.

In terms of security, Trace Spend is built to support compliance and controls, ensuring that your data is protected.

You can also read Trace Spend software reviews to see what users think about it.

If you still cannot decide, call us at (661) 384-7070 to discuss if Trace Spend is the right solution for your business.

Trace Spend Features

Trace Spend is purchasing software that smartly handles purchase requests, providing a streamlined process to take in and manage these requests. It simplifies the purchasing process from planning to the creation of purchase orders.

The software ensures fast, compliant approval chains. It supports both sequential and parallel approvals, providing flexibility based on your organization's needs. This feature lets you share all the information with business partners and make financial decisions.

Users can keep track of vendors, contracts, and renewals. This feature is vital for maintaining good relationships with suppliers and ensuring contractual obligations are met.

Trace Spend also offers project management capabilities, helping to get project plans out into the open and facilitating better team coordination. You can also see the spending trends or purchases that most impact on your projects, ensuring proper budgeting.

A comprehensive dashboard and analytics system connects planned spend with budget and actuals. Features like general ledger drill-down, budget vs forecast analysis, and budget dashboard give comprehensive insights into your business’s financial health.

Pros and Cons of Trace Spend


  • Simplifies business operations with detailed budget management
  • Very easy to keep budget owners in the loop
  • Ideal for any small business looking for project and budget management
  • Support team is highly responsive


  • A free trial would be useful
  • There is an additional cost for some features

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