Unanet AE Software

What Is Unanet AE?


Unanet AE software is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) and project management software designed for architects and engineers to securely manage their financials, operations, projects, and people. It offers powerful features that enable organizations to collaborate more efficiently, improve communication and productivity levels, and drive growth. 

What is Unanet Best for?

The standout feature of Unanet AE is that it is a purpose-built platform for project managers within the architecture and engineering industry. According to Unanet, the parent company, its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is the only modern project-based platform catering to project and finance leaders and executives within the A&E niche. Another notable benefit is that Unanet AE software offers actionable insights and better decision making.  

Unanet Pricing

The Unanet AE  project management software vendor has not publicized its pricing options. This is a common practice within the software seller industry. It also indicates that the software may have custom prices based on the services required by a business.  

To get more details on Unanet software pricing, click the ‘Get Pricing’ button at the top of this page.  

Unanet AE Software Integrations

For extending the functionality of the software and automating more business processes, users can benefit from Unanet Connect. It is a marketplace of pre-built connectors. Following are the top integrations available through the Unanet Connect Marketplace: 

  • ADP 
  • BambooHR 
  • Concur 
  • HubSpot 
  • MailChimp 
  • NetSuite 
  • Paylocity 
  • Salesforce 
  • Sage100 
  • Sage300  

How Does Unanet AE Software Work?

Here are a few basic steps to start with Unanet AE: 

  1. Create a profile on the Unanet AE website and log in using your details 
  2. Enter all necessary company information such as staff details and project information into the system 
  3. Allocate resources from your team to each project you’re working on within Unanet AE 
  4. Track the progress of each project by monitoring timesheets, deliverables, and milestones within the system 
  5. Generate comprehensive reports regarding utilization, budgeting, and forecasting for higher management visibility into projects and financials 
  6. Measure performance with powerful analytics through dashboards, which provide insights into team productivity, profitability, etc.

For more information concerning the software’s functionality, consider scheduling an Unanet AE demo. You can easily do so by clicking the ‘Watch Demo’ button at the top of this page.  

Who is Unanet for?

Unanet AE software is a comprehensive ERP platform. While it is best suited for mid-sized businesses to large enterprises, small businesses can also benefit from it. Industry-wise, the software is feasible for the following niches: 

  • Architecture 
  • Engineering 
  • Construction 
  • Government Contracting

Key Features of Unanet Software

  • Project Management 
    Unanet AE software allows managers to assign tasks, track dependencies, monitor their status, and follow up with all clients close to deadlines.  You can divide tasks into small milestones to organize and follow them better. It schedules those milestones with the Calendar integration and sends reminders for each. You can track each milestone with remote working features.  
  • Time Tracking 
    There are detailed timesheets where employees can log in the number of hours and minutes they spend on every task.  It generates sheets for the average time spent on a task and can be presented in meetings for stakeholders. It also decreases the total time spent on organizing and monitoring tasks. It has various tools that minimize the total input and generate better and quick results.  
  • Expense Monitoring 
    Unanet helps users track all the costs associated with the project and ensure it is always under budget. It ensures that the purchases are not more than the threshold. It calculates the trends in purchasing and ROI for improvement in the future. Expense monitoring allows better risk mitigation for the company and thus reduces the chances of losses.  
  • Unanet Pay 
    Unanet Pay gives your company an easy and safe way to automate invoicing, collections, and online payments. This can help unlock growth opportunities, save money, improve cash flow, and ensure competitive longevity for your business. 
  • Financial Management 
    The platform includes options for creating invoices, bills, and other financial matters. It can be used by accounting departments for payroll too. Unanet platform offers complete financial management through purchase order management, forecasting future budgets, automatic payroll generation, invoice creation, and much more.  
  • Business Intelligence 
    The Unanet software reporting and analytics tool has many templates that allow users to create dynamic presentations. They can analyze data to offer the business key insights into internal processes. It utilizes different integrated tools to offer ‘What-If’ analysis. You can completely personalize the system according to your business and operate it at any location.  
  • Enterprise Resource Planning 
    You can revamp your resource planning skills through the software. It provides spending control and inventory management to businesses. You can send quotes and estimates to possible clients and pitch in new ideas through the proposal management feature in the software. It offers Gantt charts and histograms to completely show the resources available. Approval process control, receipt management, and issue management are available in a single dashboard.  
  • Employee Management 
    It manages employees through employee tracking and management features. You can assign tasks according to the skill and experience of the employee. It manages the leaves and holidays. Moreover, it can handle payroll management with hours worked, shifts, and commissions. You can use Employee scheduling, labor forecasting, overtime calculation, portfolio management, and leave tracking to manage employees.  
  • Proposal Management 
    It offers both activity tracking and reporting tools for analysis. You can manage the contact database through complete file management. It assesses contacts through contact management features and manages proposals. The software offers customizable proposal templates that can be edited to send instant proposals. It also covers rejected proposals and delayed proposals.  

Is Unanet Right for You?

Unanet AE software has established itself as the industry leader in specialized ERP solutions. Those who are not satisfied with the standard options in the market should consider getting the custom-built Unanet option. It offers flexibility and can include as many features as the customer desires. ISG, Sierra7, Truenorth, HDL, and NewFields are among the top customers of Unanet project management.  

Unanet Software Pricing

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Standard Pro Enterprise

Unanet AE Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support


  • Comprehensive features.
  • Responsive customer support
  • Excellent software uptime


  • Difficultly in creating custom reports
  • Some functions are complicated to use
  • Limited project structuring options

Unanet AE Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Unanet AE Software reviews

Overall Rating

8 Reviews


Nothing beats Unanet when it comes to price.

January 2023



I was a bit skeptical since the number of features seemed limited at first. But due to my budget, I went with it anyway and was amazed at how well everything is integrated with each other. For me, it features all of the bells and whistles that any modern project management software has to offer. It is incredibly user-friendly to use the software. Any query I make is responded to immediately without the typical lag that these programs have. Reports are great, with excellent third-party integration. Unanet is basically limitless and caters to your demands with ease.
It's a tad different when it comes to the "cons" of the software. as there are currently no half-baked or broken features. But if I still had to choose one, it would be the statements. In contrast to bulk email distribution, generating stand-alone statements and submitting them to clients must be done manually, which is very time-consuming.

An all-round project management solution!

December 2022

Jake S.

Information Technology and Services

Unanet is so good at project tracking, and we basically cannot function without it anymore. All our teams are fully reliant on the software, and we enjoy how accurate estimates can be created and a project can be tracked from start to finish all from one software. All costs are entered and are immediately available for billing at markup rates. We have the flexibility to create the price sheets as we please and they can be multiple if required. I also appreciate the fact that the software is tightly integrated with project scheduling, resource planning, and time tracking which makes it a complete project management solution.
If I had to point something out, it would definitely be the UI. It feels as if I'm using something at least a decade old. I mean the level of polish the software’s features have is not apparent by just looking at the interface it comes with. It is also lacking some basic reports found in other software such as QuickBooks, which is a major opportunity lost by the company. And it has a little out-of-date mobile timesheet, but it still works great so I’ll let go of this complaint.

Works flawlessly in every scenario

October 2022

Andrew S.

Architecture and Planning

Unanet can be used for basically any field of work. I have personally used it for construction activities as well as planning and designing, and it worked admirably in both scenarios. The analytics it provides assist me in keeping track of many data points without having to spend a lot of time reviewing data. Any expensive resource can be accurately tracked and monitored in whatever time frame I see fit. Which helps me fine-tune the utilization and keep the expenditure as low as possible. I can also see which department is burdened the most and divide the activities to make them easier on the staff. I use it to track how effectively we are spending compared to our goals, to keep the project on track, and even to save our clients' money.
There might be other features that need improvements, but the one I am focused on is the Project Planning and Resource Scheduler, which is by far my most used tool. It works extremely well, don't get me wrong, but being so comfortable with it has made me see some shortcomings as well. I would like to see more emphasis put on increasing the functionality of some of its components, such as earned value, change order tracking, and just having better tools to alter the planned data.

The degree of customization is really impressive

October 2022

Allison G.

Civil Engineering

It is amazing how much customization can be done in terms of data displays, security, permissions, and reports. We can simply make the modifications ourselves or just ask the excellent customer service team to do it for us at the back end and execute a script to implement them. Speaking of which, the customer support is absolutely fantastic! They have a clear understanding of every small detail associated with the software and always respond timely. They conduct frequent workshops and webinars to promote constant learning and development as well.
There have been issues related to the user interface and other glitches while using it normally. Thankfully, all of them have been fixed, and if there's anything that we dislike about Unanet, we bring it to the support team, and they always manage to fix it so that it works better or find a workaround for us. In most cases, everything is repairable, and we receive the improvements we need to use the software more effectively. The team is always open to new ideas and suggestions, which increases the reliability of the software.

Good for our industry

July 2022


Information technology and Services

What i like is that estimates can be built and progress of a project can be assessed from beginning to end so easily. Integration with time sheets and expenses is a huge positive.
A little outdated interface and some standard reports you'd like are not present.

Great for small to medium sized firms

July 2022

Teresa K.


Very intuitive to use and provides a solid connectivity even on mobile phones. Timesheets are never late anymore and our books are closed within a day instead of 3-5 days it took earlier.
Some more built in reports would have been nice.

Found it difficult to navigate when setting up projects

June 2022

Madeline M.

Information technology and Services

All the project managers in our company has the ability to review and prepare their own invoices that is great.
Moving tickets around is so difficult I give up at the end. Uploading documents is not easy as well and I have to get back to my desktop to do that.

Extremely happy with Unanet clearview

June 2022

Lauren J.

Environmental services

It is great how well the software integrates all sides of our business, from invoicing to bill payments and timesheets. All your needs are catered under one roof!
Forget if you need any sort of custom report and just stick to the already built-in ones. It's a nightmare if you try generating a custom report.

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Call us at

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