Zoho Bugtracker

Zoho is a scalable bug-tracking application that prevents bugs from falling through the cracks. It enables clients to deliver high-quality products by automatically identifying bugs in the project stream. This web-based solution is utilized by businesses of all sizes to efficiently manage their sales. 

In addition to bug tracking, Zoho software provides CRM, project management, analytics, collaboration, SLA automation, and file sharing. Simply put, Zoho is a comprehensive platform that streamlines project management procedures. 

Key Features     

Time Monitoring 

Zoho facilitates the tracking of billable and non-billable hours by project managers. Zoho facilitates the tracking of billable and non-billable hours by project managers. Users can enter daily or weekly time log entries. In addition, clients can utilize timesheets for reporting and billing purposes. 

Exporting information from timesheets is simple. The time-tracking solution supports exporting data in XLS, CSV, and PDF formats with a single click. This enables teammates, stakeholders, etc. to gain visibility into the project's progress, employee payrolls, and other pertinent information. 

Bugs Dashboard 

The Zoho project management bug dashboard is extremely impressive. It streamlines the project development procedure. This dashboard eliminates the need for remote teams to worry about dispersed data, allowing everyone to stay on top of all activities. 

This collaborative dashboard provides users with an overview of the Activity stream. Teammates can view the status of messages, important deadlines, overdue milestones, etc. Additionally, the dashboard provides visibility into open and closed bugs, allowing for the creation of visual bug reports. It is an efficient method for providing concise details. 


The product development process is enhanced by the integration of third parties with the Zoho project management software. It integrates with Bitbucket, allowing users to effortlessly manage source codes. They can seamlessly integrate Bitbucket-managed source code repositories into Zoho. 

In addition, the Zoho Bugtracker software reviews demonstrate that it integrates with GitHub. This version control system enhances development team collaboration. Sers create repositories in GitHub, and Zoho presents the changes as Changesets. It provides users with access to all project-wide changesets, enabling faster bug fixing. 

Zoho Pricing 

One of the three pricing plans offered by the Zoho Bugtracker is free. Bundles of Zoho Bugtracker software cost between $3 and $9 per month. Click on ‘Get Pricing’ to get a custom quote for Zoho Bugtracker. 

Zoho Demo 

How well does the software deal with errors? Utilize the Zoho Bugtracker demo to learn more about it, and click "Watch Demo" to experience its features. 

Zoho Reviews 

According to reviews, Zoho Bugtracker is a highly regarded solution. There is no extensive training required to begin using this flawless solution. Reviews indicate that Zoho Bugtracker is a traditional issue management system. It does not diminish collaboration and automation elements. 

Our Thoughts 

Zoho is the premier bug-tracking and quick-fixing project management application. It enables teams to remain connected and prevent problems from arising 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Zoho BugTracker support an API?

Yes, Zoho BugTracker Software provides an API for its users.

Is Zoho BugTracker a database?

No, Zoho BugTracker software is bug tracking software that combines a clean and intuitive interface to submit and organize issues with customizable workflow, set business rules, create custom views for the issues that software projects are bound to generate, and fix bugs fast.

Is Zoho BugTracker compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, Zoho BugTracker Software supports the following mobile devices: iPhone and Android.

What level of support does Zoho BugTracker offer?

Zoho BugTracker offers the following support options: 24/7 (live rep), email/help desk, knowledge base, chat, and FAQs/forum.

What type of pricing plans does Zoho BugTracker software offer?

To learn more about Zoho BugTracker pricing plans and packages, click on ‘Get Pricing’ button above to get a custom quote for your enterprise needs.

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