Zoho Desk Software

What is Zoho Desk Software?


Zoho Desk is a cloud-based help desk platform that enables businesses to manage customer service operations effectively. The software collects and organizes customer interactions from different channels, like email, phone, chat, social media, self-service portals, forums, and forms, so that all customer interactions can happen in one place. 

In addition, the application provides businesses with customizable and recurring reports, happiness ratings, and a graphical dashboard for analyzing customer satisfaction. It supports functions such as customer support ticket management, a customer support portal, contract management, and report generation. Businesses can streamline their customer service processes, improve their communication with customers, and keep track of their interactions with customers with these features. 

What is Zoho Desk best for?

Zoho Desk software is primarily recognized for its powerful customer service management capabilities. The platform provides a centralized location for all customer interactions for businesses. It enables businesses to streamline customer service processes and more effectively manage customer service operations. In addition, the seamless integration of Zoho Desk and Zoho CRM enables service agents to easily access customer information and gain valuable insights regarding their interactions with customers. 

In addition, Zoho Desk excels in its automation and customization capabilities. The software provides a variety of automation and personalization options, as well as a self-service portal and a variety of third-party integrations. It enables businesses to customize the platform to meet their unique requirements and automate numerous customer service processes. This results in increased customer satisfaction and increased efficiency and productivity.

Zoho Desk Pricing

Zoho Desk project management provides monthly and annual pricing options that are transparent. The platform offers four bundled service options for professionals, including a free version for up to three users with salesforce automation tools for leads, contacts, calendars, accounts, deals, tasks, and events, among others. In addition, free trials are available for each subscription tier, allowing businesses to evaluate the platform prior to committing to a paid plan. 

  • The Standard Bundle provides your customer service team with all the essential support features. This plan, which is priced at $14 per user per month when billed annually, is ideal for startups and small customer service departments. The Zoho Desk cost standard bundle includes everything in the free version plus additional features, and each subsequent tier includes everything in the previous bundle. 
  • The Professional package is intended for rapidly expanding teams and costs US$23 per user per month when billed annually. This plan makes it easier for people to work together and automates processes to help businesses improve their customer service and get more done. 
  • The Enterprise bundle is priced at $40 per user per month when billed annually and is designed for larger businesses. This plan offers advanced AI and customization options to enable enterprise-level support. This package's advanced features are ideal for businesses seeking enhanced automation and customization options, which will enable them to scale their customer service operations. 

Not sure which Zoho Desk pricing plan best fits your organization? Contact our solution specialists for tailored assistance and advice. 

Zoho Desk integrations

Zoho Desk project management is highly adaptable and customizable software that offers a wide range of integrations to help businesses expand their help desk capabilities. It supports integration with a wide variety of third-party applications, such as Salesforce, Google, and Microsoft, giving businesses even more flexibility and options to tailor their customer service operations. These integrations enable users to configure telephony, maintain accurate contact information, and link their help desk with SMS alerts. 

How does Zoho Desk work?

The cloud-based software Zoho Desk software enables users to access the platform from any internet-connected device. Using a web browser, users can log in to their Zoho Desk account and access all system features and functionalities. 

Once logged in, users can create distinct departments within the helpdesk to manage customer conversations. This permits businesses to add department-specific agents and separate social media channels, mailboxes, and community forums for each department.

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Who is Zoho Desk for?

Zoho Desk is a full-featured customer service management system designed for businesses of all sizes. The software is ideally suited for small to medium-sized companies seeking a robust and adaptable helpdesk solution to manage their customer service operations. It also works well for bigger companies that need to scale their customer service operations and need more advanced automation and customization options. 

Zoho Desk project management tool is typically utilized by customer service teams, support teams, and customer success teams, as well as businesses in a variety of industries, including IT, retail, healthcare, and more. It's also good for companies that do business in more than one language since it supports multiple languages and lets users help customers in their own language. 

Zoho Desk Features

Workflow Designer

It streamlines customer service processes and maps the entire event chain, from ticket issuance to resolution. This feature of automation offers a comprehensive approach to customer service management. 

Artificial Intelligence

The application includes a robust, AI-driven customer service Zoho Desk feature that employs chatbot technology to assist customers with problem resolution. It can categorize tickets, route them to the correct agents, and analyze sentiment. Additionally, administrators can monitor customer interactions via a dedicated dashboard. 

Ticket Management

Zoho Desk provides a comprehensive ticket management system that enables businesses to communicate with customers and manage tickets across multiple channels, departments, products, and brands. It lets users set up different departments within the help desk. This makes sure that customer questions are answered quickly and without any extra steps. 

Dashboards and Reports

The software provides users with a variety of dashboards and reports for gaining insights into team performance. Its unique tools, like Radar, a mobile app that lets managers be proactive and hands-on, and Headquarters, a live dashboard that shows an overview of the team's progress, help businesses analyze and improve their customer service operations. 

Workflow Automation

Zoho Desk software supports a number of automation features designed to enhance customer service. It enables users to discover the types of inquiries they are receiving and provides simple responses to repetitive questions through chatbots with artificial intelligence. In addition, businesses can update their knowledge bases and frequently ask questions so that customers can assist themselves, resulting in increased efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

How is Zoho Desk different from other software?

Among the distinguishing characteristics that set Zoho Desk apart from comparable alternatives are: 

Diverse suite: including customer service management, project management, and CRM, enabling professionals to manage all aspects of their customer service operations on a single platform. This means that companies don't have to use multiple software solutions, which makes customer service easier. 

Seamless Integrations: The software supports a variety of integrations with popular apps such as Salesforce, Google, Trello, and Microsoft, allowing users to seamlessly connect their customer service operations to other software they employ. Compared to other help desk software, it gives businesses more freedom and options for making their customer service operations fit their needs. 

Reasonably priced and customizable: Zoho Desk Software provides organizations of all sizes with transparent pricing options based on monthly and annual terms, making it an affordable option. In addition, it offers a variety of automation and customization options, a self-service portal, and a vast selection of third-party integrations, allowing users to tailor the platform to their particular requirements. 

Is Zoho Desk a Good Fit for You?

Zoho Desk is an all-inclusive customer service management application that enables users to manage customer communication across multiple channels, including phone, email, live chat, SMS text, and social media. The application allows users to assign calls to agents based on their department or team and automatically routes calls to agents with whom the customer has interacted previously. Overall, it is intended to improve customer satisfaction and streamline customer service operations. 

Numerous users value Zoho Desk's robust customer service management capabilities, automation, and personalization options. Its user-friendly interface and capacity to manage customer interactions across multiple channels make it a popular option for organizations of all sizes. 

Zoho Desk Software Pricing Details

  • Free
  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
0 / user/mo.
14 / user/mo.
23 / user/mo.
40 / user/mo.
What’s included
For up to 3 users
What’s included
Essential features for small teams
What’s included
Advanced process automation tools
What’s included
Suitable for large organizations
  • 3 Agents
  • Email Ticketing
  • Knowledge Base
  • Help Center
  • Mobile Apps
  • Public Knowledge Base
  • Workflow Rules
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Ticket Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Round Robin Ticket Assignment
  • Ticket Sharing
  • Team Management
  • 24x5 chat support
  • Live Chat
  • Help Center Customization
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Layout Rules
  • 50 light agents

Zoho Desk Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support


  • Easy-to-use interface and set up makes it great for beginners
  • Comprehensive customer support helps to quickly troubleshoot problems
  • In-depth analytics provide valuable insights into customer service needs
  • Integrations with external applications help streamline workflows


  • Limited features when compared with other help desk platforms
  • Automated responses can be limited in their customization options
  • Can be slow to load at times, and some users have reported glitches with the platform
  • Advanced features such as workflow automation may require more technical know-how to use

Zoho Desk Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Zoho Desk Software reviews

Overall Rating

6 Reviews


Helpful Tool, Could Use More Features

March 2023

Scott B.


Zoho Desk is an excellent customer service tool that makes it easier to manage customer interactions. We've been using the software for a few months and have been very impressed with its performance. It's easy to use and customize, plus the customer service team is very helpful when we have any questions.
The only downside is that it doesn't have as many features as some of the other customer service software out there. There are also some reports that could be improved, such as real-time analytics or ticket tracking. I hope they can add more features in the future. Other than that, it's a great customer service management tool.

Comprehensive Solution, Amazing Support

March 2023

Rachel G.


I've been using Zoho Desk for over a year now and I'm very happy with it. It has all the features we need to manage our customer service and support operations, plus so much more. The software is easy to use and customize, which makes it perfect for our team. We also love the customer service, which is always available and very helpful when we have questions about something.
My only complaint is that the AI-driven features are a bit too basic right now, and I'd like to see more advanced options in future updates. They could also include more integrations, although I'm sure they will over time. Other than that, it's a great piece of customer service software. Highly recommended!

Lots of Features, Solid Performance

February 2023

Carleton M.

Law Enforcement

In my line of work, I need a customer service management system that is reliable and easy to use. Zoho Desk is great because it has so many features I can customize and use for my team. The software is easy to understand and the customer service team has been helpful in answering any questions I have had. Like I had to create workflows and they were able to guide me through the process and get me up and running in no time.
That said, it isn't all perfect. Sometimes I've noticed that the software can be a bit slow to load and some reports take longer than expected. Nothing game-breaking, but I wish they could work on making it faster. Some other minor inconveniences include the occasional bug and some features that I find difficult to use.

Zoho offers so many ways to reach out to our clients.

February 2023

Sharon G.

Information technology and Services

Zoho enables us to reach our current and potential customers in many ways. As a web developer, integrating it into my site was surprisingly quick and painless. We have seen an obvious decrease in information handling load, allowing us to spend our time more effectively generating more sales. We no longer need the cumbersome contact structure and call that many young customers avoid in these business sectors. One of the most notable features of Zoho that I appreciate is the ease of use of the Android and iOS applications.
There is no specific work area application for Zoho, a major missing feature for me. The overall layout of the software is not something that I had expected. For example, the "late things" alternate route symbol is placed at the bottom of the page, while being placed on the top would have been much better. The footer is also very cramped, especially if we use a smaller screen size. They need to improve on this.

Very capable and affordable.

January 2023

Derik G.

Information Technology and Services

This product is both cheap and effective. The productivity statistic that can be derived is really useful. This product will come in handy for achieving SLAs (Service Level Agreements). I appreciate that our customers have a lot of room when creating a ticket to best suit their needs which helps us narrow down a support pathway. It also has AI sense, which searches for a phrase in the description and auto-suggests articles and public docs from the knowledge base. It is known to save a significant amount of time. It can be done by using templates to automate repetitive operations and workflow.
Zoho Desk software has its downsides. One of the cons of this software is that automated responses can be limited in their customization options, which may not meet the specific needs of some businesses. Additionally, the platform can sometimes load slowly, frustrating for users who need to respond promptly to customer inquiries. Some users have also reported glitches with the platform, which can negatively impact its performance and reliability.

Great ticketing system.

January 2023


Marketing and Advertising

We needed a ticketing system to assist us in handling customer inquiries, documenting and sharing dialogue, and tracking and addressing client issues. For our customer success team, Zoho is the ideal answer. Its integration with other Zoho products, such as contacts and calendars, has greatly simplified our interactions with customers. Zoho desk provides many capabilities that can be tailored to our business requirements. The pricing is reasonable, making it a fantastic buy.
It can be annoying when we can't discover the proper capability or figure out how to use it. We would appreciate the features being more accessible and better explained via training or a manual. I understand that all the features are available for all their packages. If they could restrict some features to higher priced packages, we could save some money upon opting for the lower priced one.

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