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ProtonPACS software is a picture archiving and communication system that helps medical facilities manage images to access, store and distribute. It improves workflow across the organization. It has solutions for both the front and back end of managing patients that reduce manual and duplicate patient information entry. The product has HL7 integration with information systems built in. The software offers a hybrid model with both on-premise and cloud hosting. It also provides support via email and phone.  

Radiologists can use ProtonPACS EMR to quickly and accurately review studies, make and approve reports, and send the finished product to colleagues who sent them. In medical imaging, efficiency is becoming increasingly important, and ProtonPACS is designed to reduce the number of mouse clicks and dictation time. Also, there is no longer any need for paper in your workflow. 

Key Features  

Intelerad's Inteleviewer Diagnostic Viewer 

Intelerad's Inteleviewer is built into ProtonPACS. Inteleviewer is a diagnostic viewer that gives radiologists and other healthcare professionals tools to optimize images, change layouts, measure essential data points, reconstruct images, and make critical images.  

In addition, its worklist and integrated speech recognition engine in radiology allow radiologists to create reports for referring physicians. You can access both reports and images from any web-enabled device through the system's referring physician portal. ProtonPACS EHR also handles administrative tasks, such as auditing, remote system monitoring, auto-routing, and AE title management. 


ProtonPACS EMR works well with any information system, so you don't have to enter the same information twice, and it's easier for referring doctors to get your results. Integration of HL7 to RIS is quick and made to cause as little disruption as possible. The software works well with any EMR, EHR, or RIS that is already in place. It gets rid of unnecessary work and cuts down on mistakes. 

ProtonPACS EHR Pricing 

The ProtonPACS software pricing is not available to the public. You have to contact the vendor directly to get a specific quote.  

ProtonPACS EHR Demo 

According to the ProtonPACS demo reviews, it is a great way to get hands-on experience with the software in a real-world setting. During the demo, you'll be able to look at the different features and decide whether or not they meet your needs. You can also talk to the provider about setting up a ProtonPACS software demo. 

ProtonPACS User Reviews 

Users praise the customer support in the majority of the ProtonPACS EMR reviews. The software is user-friendly and requires little to no support for training. You can read more strengths and weaknesses below.  

Our Thoughts  

ProtonPACS is software for medical imaging that helps doctors get safe access to medical data, work with multiple databases, and improve imaging quality. You can navigate through all its features in real time during the demo.  

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