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Pulse EHR is a top-notch system that provides solutions to health care providers in order to improve their engagement with patients and maintain revenue cycles, and electronic records. Pulse EMR software has functions such as a patient portal through which physicians can stay on top of any upcoming appointments as well as cancellations. Voice recognition makes it possible to enter any important notes without wasting any time. It is also able to provide support for electronic records management so they can be referred to for premium health care provision.  

Pulse EHR Software Key Features 

Revenue Cycle Management

The software ensures that you are able to run clinical operations and administrative tasks successfully. It is able to keep up with electronic claims management and covers aspects such as payment posting, claim appeals, and denial refiling. Moreover, it ensures patient collections are processed thoroughly. 

This particular function has the ability to improve three specific areas. First of all, your practice can optimize value through trained professionals as well as automated processes. Secondly, it is able to increase the RCM KPIs, cash flows, and revenue by reducing the overall write-offs.  

Practice Management 

The system provides solutions to enhance practice management by integrating the PulsePro system. It can be utilized to create workflows for each task. For example, if you want to take your A/R within 90 days, the workflow will break down all the steps that need to be followed. Another important function is that it has a built-in patient reminder system so you can send and receive for scheduled meetings rather than having to make calls or send mail. Your patients can inform you in case they need to cancel thus giving you the opportunity to fill up the slot.  

At the same time, the Pulse software lets you handle claims so you can submit them electronically. However, before submission, it will check for any errors so you can eliminate them to avoid rejection.  

Electronic Health Record  

EMR Pulse makes it possible to maintain electronic documentation of health records such as patient vitals, lab results, and any other information necessary to provide care to your patients. Patient Clinical Snapshots give you the chance to analyze the timeline of specific health vitals that are specified by another provider to enhance the overall care procedure. To save more time, physicians can dictate notes through a voice recognition system.  

Pulse EHR Software Pricing  

The software website does not specify Pulse pricing details for their products but you can request relevant information by getting in touch with the team.

Software Demo 

If you are interested in learning about the functions of this EHR medical software you can request a demo through the website.


The general reputation of Pulse Medical software shows that it has been able to win over many users due to its cutting-edge technologically advanced functions.

Our Thoughts

Our Pulse review is that the cloud-based system has several tools that can save time and improve document management that tends to waste a lot of time. Furthermore, it can help you make claims and reduce rejections by looking for any possible errors in advance. 

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