The 9 Best Construction Software to Help Your Business Thrive

Aug 29, 2022

Technological advances have impacted every economic sector both on the global and individual state levels, and the construction industry has not been immune to these changes. However, over the last few decades, several tools have been developed to assist professionals working in the said field to make their work more efficient and reduce the volume of human errors that occur along the way. Narrowly speaking, the construction industry is significantly different from other industries in terms of its workflow needs, so its software requirement is specialized. Construction projects, from building a house to developing a bridge, must meet safety, regulatory, and other industry regulations; all of which any automating/digital solution is mandated to address. Construction software, as such, helps with overall project planning, management, and coordination. In addition, integrating construction software reduces expensive delays and provides effective communication, allowing the field team to perform to their total capacity and avoid costly or risky mistakes. This article covers some of the top construction management software available on the market today. We'll go over their most important features and suggest how you can use them to make your work more efficient.

Top Features of Construction Software

Contractors can boost their workforce's efficiency and better understand the business with the correct software tools. When choosing construction management software, contractors should look for the following features.


Billable-hour schedules are one of the most important things you need formalized to bill your customers accurately. For example, when looking for construction software, you want to ensure that timecard data is collected correctly, can be used for payroll, and can be linked to different projects. In addition, there should be different pay rates and activities on a timesheet so that other tasks are billed to the client appropriately (in line with the work committed).

Inspections and Checklists

Different projects need different form-templates, but a flexible digital tool for generating these formal requisitions helps contractors reduce the amount of paper on-site. Such utilities also allow these forms to be changed and sent to the mobile phones of teams in the field. A construction management platform that lets you see this data in real-time can help you figure out what to do when problems occur. For example, subcontractors can use digital forms to help with their health and safety policies, plant maintenance, toolbox talks, change orders, and inductions.

Document Management

In the construction sector, where there are a lot of rules, it is essential to follow all regulations to satisfy both organizational and local legal codes of business conduct. As part of the accreditation process, you must show that everyone on your team is qualified to work on the given projects. Subcontractors should look for construction management software with a real-time competency matrix feature that lets them send an updated competency profile of charged workers (a portfolio of the specializations offered) to their clients in a matter of minutes.

Job scheduling/Task management

When you've ensured that everyone on your team meets a job's requirements, you are ready to schedule and assign workers (along with their tools) to the commission. Operations managers can work together on one itinerary for the whole company with the help of a scheduling calendar that lets subcontractors use it in place of a task whiteboard. Keeping track of where everyone is and what they are doing makes both the workforce and the construction workflow more efficient.


Subcontractors generally struggle with office-to-field communications. SMS and email correspondence channels, further, make it challenging to hold workers accountable. Tracking internal communication helps manage accountability and decrease risk. Subcontractors, by way of experienced precaution, should consider employee communication while purchasing construction software.


Fast payroll processing relies on field mobility data (timesheets and leave request forms). Subcontractors who use business software save hours on payroll instead of paper timesheets and accounting applications. Their platform exports timesheet data to accounting while their paycheck is rapid and error-free.


Accurate billing is key to securing good project margins. Therefore, out-of-scope work must be reported and billed. Many contractors using old methods lose a lot of genuinely owed money in this way. In addition, if their field personnel report out-of-scope results, clients contest it. Tracking and billing these extra commissions appropriately eliminates conflicts and shows client professionalism.

Custom Reports

Formal data collecting and reporting processes have enhanced efficiency and profitability in numerous businesses. For example, subcontractors compete on construction efficiency, safety, and quality. As a result, data can be a competitive advantage. With the best construction software, subcontractors can collect and handle real-time data in unique, easy-to-read reports. This helps contractors understand their company to improve profits and site safety.


You can assign all report data to projects. Your program should be equipped to tell you which projects have larger margins and which to avoid. Construction management software helps you compile project data and know your budget. It does this by tracking actual vs. budgeted costs. Generally, contractors track their profitability and project progress daily. They can even alter their project details to improve their margins.

Best Construction Software

Accubid Software

Accubid Software Trimble Accubid Anywhere is a complete electrical estimating solution. It helps with the entire construction workflow, from estimating to purchasing, project management, and billing. In addition, it is a flexible solution for contractors of all sizes because they can set it up differently. The key features of the software include a complete material and labor database with over 40,000 items and 12,000 assemblies. In addition, the software offers multi-level breakdowns, pricing service integration, a live, two-way link to the Trimble LiveCount graphical takeoff, and integrated reporting. Contractors who need more robust functionality can also get takeoffs based on specifications, intelligent assemblies and specifications, and support for multiple users and branches. Accubid software also gives you access to TRA-SER for up-to-date pricing and Supplier Xchange, which lets you get electronic cot estimates/quotes from your local suppliers. Cost: At this time, Accubid software pricing information has not been disclosed by the developer to the general public. Please contact the vendor if you're interested in learning more about beginning prices and possible business plan/tier arrangements.

Jonas Construction Software

jonas softwareJonas Enterprise is an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution for contractors. Businesses of all sizes can use the application to manage service, accounting, and operations projects. In addition, the software comes with an executive dashboard that lets managers, owners, and high-level executives quickly see how well customers are doing, what obligations suppliers have, how profitable a department is, and much more. Organizations can also ensure that all employees get paid on time by using direct deposits for payroll transfers. Users can make a file accordingly, using the Jonas Enterprise Construction Software and upload it to their preferred bank. The money is then sent automatically to the employee's account by the transferring bank. Some applications include project management, service management, and customer management. All of these are fully integrated with accounting to make for a complete construction management solution. On the service side, Jonas construction offers full dispatching and mobile web access functionalities, as well as a dedicated portal for customers. Cost: Software subscription costs $8,000 in one-time payment.

McCormick Software

mccormick software McCormick Electrical Estimating is a tool for specialty contractors that helps with project management and work cost estimating. In industrial, commercial, and residential settings, it is used by contractors to see to their electrical, mechanical piping, automated building, distribution, transmission, and plumbing concerns. McCormick software comes with four levels and modules for both one-contractor shops and companies that do a lot of construction business. The Win 1000 version is suitable for a one-person shop, Win 3000 is ideal for small-to-medium contractors, Win 4000 is appropriate for small-to-large contractors, and Win 6000 is best suited for large contractors. Users can use dot-and-spot drawings to add selections, make changes to extensions, see audit trails, and keep track of jobs status. You can use the software on its own or combine it with other modules. It comes with more than 55,000 parts and more than 25,000 pre-built assemblies. Cost: On request, the vendor will provide you with the correct pricing information in line with your software feature needs, as they do not make this information available publicly.

Procore Software

procore Software Procore Software is an all-in-one construction management platform that connects field teams, office administrators, and developers. It keeps track of your projects, resources, and finances from the planning stage to project end. The platform connects everyone who works on a project; facilitating direct or grouped links between owners, general contractors, specialist contractors, and others. The central dashboard makes it easy for managers to keep track of project details, plan tasks, and see how things are going. In addition, the Procore App has an app marketplace with over 150 partner solutions integrated with the platform. The app accessibility lets people from different teams talk to each other and makes it easier for them to work together by eliminating data silos and creating a single source/flow of information. Using Procore, your team have everything they need to do their job well – and fast. You can get help over the phone, by email, through a knowledge base resource (published by the vendor), and through other online channels (including this one). Cost: Procore subscription plan pricing has not been publicized by the vendor. If interested in contracting, please consider reaching out to the team.

CoConstruct Software

coconstruct Software CoConstruct, through its state-of-the-art software interface, manages construction projects both seamlessly and efficiently. It provides tools for systematizing projects, finances, and client profiles/correspondences to aid custom home builders and remodelers. The program, further, lets users sync data from estimates, specifications, selections, bids, change orders, and budgets with QuickBooks Desktop or through its online portal. In addition, the mobile app allows users to manage their projects on the go from their tablet or desktop. Specifically, CoConstruct helps with project scheduling, communication, managing clients and subcontractors, managing files, keeping a job log, and tracking change orders. You can also manage construction projects, keep track of warranties, and more. For instance, the project manager feature makes it easier for builders, contractors, and other team members to talk to each other by letting them keep track of tasks, coordinate schedules, sync complex installations, and keep an eye on what's happening at the job site. The tools for project management also help with finding new clients, making estimates, and putting in bids. CoConstruct software also makes it easier to talk to clients by putting all email, text, and SMS messages in one place. Lastly, the program enables businesses in the construction industry to manage their finances with tools like job costing, pricing management, tracking project costs, billing contractors, making proposals, managing purchase orders, and more. Cost: CoConstruct offers a number of plans, with the basic starting at $49 per month. Plans with full-features-access cost between $299 and $499 per month, depending on the number of projects worked.

BuilderTrend Software

buildertrend software BuilderTrend is a construction management suite that integrates project scheduling, project management, financial management, client management, and service management. In addition, the software offers pre-sale tools like bid requests, project proposals, and a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Its integrated modules for managing projects include schedules, budgets, time sheets, and more. Customer management features include handling change orders and selections, warranty requests, and payments. The software assigns an account manager to each business to help with training and other needs. Teams working on a project and construction professionals can also use custom branding, daily webinars, and support chat. In addition, they can also access the Buildertrend Learning Community, a help section open 24/7, and the Buildertrend University program. Cost: BuilderTREND comes in two pricing plans: Core Plan and Pro Plan. The Core Plan costs $99 per month for the first two months, then goes up to $349 per month, or $2,899 per year. The Pro Plan costs $399 per month for the first two months, then goes up to $599 per month, or $4,999 per year.

Acumatica Software

Acumatica Software Acumatica Cloud ERP Designed specifically for use on a web browser and hosted in the cloud, Acumatica is an enterprise resource planning system. Its users are given the ability to monitor a company's current financial standing in real-time and to centralize all transactions. In addition, it ensures that information is portrayed correctly across all accounting elements by connecting features like the general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and tax management. Acumatica can be designed to meet various demands, including distribution, production, point of sale (POS), building, and retail commerce. In addition, because it may be deployed on the company's servers or in the cloud, it benefits small and medium-sized organizations. Cost: Pricing for the Acumatica ERP system is based on the changing requirements of your growing business. You only pay for the functionality you need, not the number of user seats (an attractive, competitive offer).

RedTeam Software

redteam software RedTeam is an idyllic solution for managing projects, monitoring finances, and keeping track of documents for midsize commercial general contractors. It is a cloud-based application that contractors use to manage a project’s pre-construction, construction, and closeout stages. The program lets team members connect from any device, and it also has apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Contract management is at the heart of RedTeam's platform, covering such concerns as ‘how general commercial contractors work during a given shift’. This design orientation is meant to help with estimating, bidding, scheduling, contracting, and construction financials, and it works with QuickBooks Online in real-time. However, RedTeam can do more than just manage projects. It can also do CRM, estimating, bid management, job cost tracking and control, time captures, and managing project expenses. The platform records information about a project by keeping track of what team members talk about on a going basis. In addition, the software offers performance management, business development, unlimited data storage, backups, upgrades, support, and ongoing training through free live and pre-recorded training webinars. Cost: RedTeam plan pricing is not publicly available. Please get in touch with the vendor for this info.

STACK Software

Stack Software STACK Estimating is a cloud-based, on-screen tool for professional contractors of all sizes and trades that helps them do takeoffs and estimates. The application’s complete set of pre-made reports gives users all the necessary information and insights to facilitate their workflow. STACK also offers a database and detailed lists of equipment, labor, and materials for the bulk of everyday building items. Every STACK subscription plan includes training and ‘customer help’ commitments for as long as needed. It makes it easy for people who are new to the software or switching from another program to get started. In addition, you can contact STACK's training and support teams by phone or through the app's chat feature. Cost: The STACK software subscription price starts at $2,499 per year.

Key Takeaway

When working on a construction project, it can be hard to keep up with everything that needs to be done. In all of these cases, using construction management software to plan, organize, carry out, and estimate projects makes the process easier to handle and more efficient. Schedule a demo before purchasing to find the best construction software for your company. This makes for an excellent way to delve deeper into its features in real-time. You can navigate each feature during the demo to see if the software meets your requirements. Moreover, you can read construction software reviews to see what actual users say about the program. These accounts help you gain more insight into the pros and cons of each application. We hope that you find this post helpful in choosing the most suitable construction software for your company.