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RxVantage is a healthcare management system for medical providers and practices to connect with industry life science experts and reps. The cloud-based platform combines life science companies' educational resources with self-service access for medical practices. 

Medical practices can use the RxVantage software to find and connect with sales reps, schedule meetings or training sessions, look for assistance programs, and send notifications to their staff. In addition, representatives can use the platform to communicate with local practices, improve their visibility in the online directory, schedule meetings with practices, and receive requests and reminders. 

RxVantage Key Features  

Easy Access to Reps 

Life science experts can help whether a provider needs information on a new FDA approval for a drug or device or talk about a product recall. They also assist when a billing manager needs reimbursement advice, or a patient needs financial assistance. The system makes it simple to locate reps and medical liaisons so you can message, call, or request a meeting to get the information you require. 

Virtual Meeting 

For practices, RxVantage provides hassle-free video conferencing. However, practices need a way to instantly connect with anywhere to provide the best care. You can now conduct remote meetings with life science experts as seamlessly as in-person meetings using Virtual Meetings. 

Mobile App 

The RxVantage app for iOS and Android provides even more value in even less time. For example, you can schedule more meetings and provide real-time responses to providers from any location. 

RxVantage Cost 

The software has a subscription-based pricing model that is not publicly available. Therefore, you may have to contact the vendor to get a specific quote. 


If you're still unsure whether RxVantage EHR is worth the investment, we recommend scheduling a RxVantage demo. The demo is a live environment where you can navigate the software and learn about its various features. The demo will also assist you in determining whether the software meets your practice requirements. 


RxVantage EHR reviews reveal what current users have to say about the software. Users of the software are pleased with it, as evidenced by a 4-star rating. You can find reviews with detailed pros and cons below. 

Our Thoughts

The software provides various benefits to medical practices. The mobile app is a beneficial feature as users can access information while on the go. You can learn more about the software by scheduling a demo with the vendor.

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RxVantage Software reviews

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