Developed by Sequel Systems, SequelMed EHR Software is a hybrid electronic health record, billing, practice management, and scheduling solution covering multiple specialties, including podiatry, gastroenterology, urology, gynecology, and more. The software provides immediate access to built-in decision support tools, patient records, and alerts to help providers capture decision-making rationale. SequelMed EHR Software also offers an E-Link facility for the billing companies to integrate practice management solutions with the EMR solution. Key features include paperless documentation, one-view patient activity monitoring, voice recognition, e-prescription, patient appointments, revenue cycle management, etc.

The Health IT platform can be purchased as electronic health records (EHR) and practice management (PM) suite or a standalone system. It is an ONC-ATCB Certified and HIPAA 5010 ready software having Drummond and Superscripts Certifications. On top of this, SequelMed EHR Software Reviews also confirm that it features HL7 and DICOM interfaces to help users improve compatibility with imaging systems and other medical devices. Users can also request for a SequelMed EHR Software Demo to get a complete overview of the system.

SequelMed EHR Software can either be deployed on the cloud or hosted on-premise. It offers an extensive claim scrubbing module that reduces the claim rejection rate. SequelMed EHR Software Features a patient portal supporting real-time communication, active medication lists, online patient registration immunization schedule, and more.

SequelMed EHR Software Pricing: Pricing is not shared openly by the vendor. You can request a quote by clicking on the ‘get pricing’ button.

SequelMed EHR Software Support: It offers support via email, phone, FAQs, and product videos.

SequelMed EHR Software Pros: SequelMed EHR Software Comparison shows that it is cheaper than other similar systems. It offers excellent customer support.

SequelMed EHR Software Cons: It is not fully functional with the iPad.

SequelMED EHR Software

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