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Sigmund's EHR software enables mental health and addiction treatment clinicians to provide streamlined, comprehensive, and effective care. AURA, Sigmund's enterprise EHR platform, provides a dynamic, complete range of specialized features spanning the whole business spectrum. As a result, behavioral health businesses can carefully configure their AURA platform to match their specific requirements and enable their team to provide exceptional behavioral health treatment. 

AURA allows users to create clinical, medical, and financial documentation. It lets data flow between documents, resulting in a real-time healthcare record with few clicks. It also allows you to construct treatment plans in less than 10 minutes, administer evaluations, and create customized documentation for various processes. 

Sigmund Software Key Features  

Clinical Decision Support 

The Order Management Suite offered by Sigmund EHR is intended to deliver all mission-critical information seamlessly. Moreover, it provides automated alarms, early-detection warnings, and other decision-support tools to improve care coordination and treatment outcomes. 

Centralized Data 

The electronic health record (EHR) system was developed expressly for inpatient medical teams. It enables you to manage medication, lab orders and results, caloric intake, vital signs, and a wide range of other data points efficiently. 


With EMR, you can easily track indicators such as work queues, productivity, regulation compliance standards, referrals, clinical, operational, financial, and staff performance. The system offers dynamic, in-depth data, accessible visualizations, and dashboards with a 360-degree view. In addition, you can find recurring tendencies and patterns to take preventative action. 

Sigmund Software Pricing 

The Sigmund EMR software pricing is not revealed to the public. As a result, you may need to contact the seller to obtain a specific estimate. 

Software Demo 

If you're still wondering if EHR is worth the investment, we recommend scheduling a Sigmund software demo. The demo is a live environment where you may move through the system and examine its various features. Contact the vendor to schedule a demo. 


Most Sigmund software reviews are favorable, indicating that people are content with the product. You may learn more about the pros and cons of software by reading the reviews below. If you are a Sigmund user, you can also share your experience. 

Our Thoughts

With this system, you can enjoy the convenience of an automated workflow engine while saving time, improving care coordination, productivity, compliance, and improving patient experience.  

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