This is a cloud-based accounting tool that is available for desktop and mobile users. The platforms supported by the tool are Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. The prominent features of this tool include it ability to manage loans (loan management), customer and business-debt management, all in one tool. Furthermore, the software also possesses additional options such as it has the support to integrate the credit cards reading and reporting facility into it.

One of its key features is its ability to manage clients. The developers of this tool entitle it as “client management” in which the operator of this tool can add the portfolios and grant the access to them using the tool’s preparatory access specifier algorithms. The software tool also comes with a web-based portal application that allows the user to manage debt, finalize and collect the payment plans and payments. All these features make this tool a “grab” for the business organizations that are looking for a robust accounting solution.

Price: This tool is offered in various versions as per its application, and the starting price of base-level version is $950/month.

Support: Tech support can be accessed by e-mail, or phone.

USP: The reports generated by the software are fairly detailed and do not require additional processing for further use.

Product Advantages: This is a cloud-based System with a modern layout.

Product limitations: The tool is fairly expensive to maintain and operate.

Simplicity Collect

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