SINC turns the chore of payroll data collection into a two-minute task and ensures business owners are only paying for the exact time worked and gives businesses insights into the true costs of each individual job.

Key features include - Time and attendance tracking, employee scheduling, location tracking, and job costing.

The standard features of SINC are free for an unlimited time, providing you have five or less users. Everybody who uses the app (owners, admins, and employees) are considered users.

They have different premium plans to suit based on your requirements and the number of users in your organization.

STARTER: Great for companies starting out who want to take advantage of their premium plan but have less than 7 users $14.99/month.

GROWTH: For the growing company that has more than seven users but less than 30 $24.99/month.

ENTERPRISE: Perfect for larger companies who need up to 100 users $99.99/month.

All of these plans come with a free 30-day trial too, so you are welcome to try them out and cancel at any time!"

Supported Operating Systems:

Cloud-based with a Web, Android, and iOS application.


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