SpamTitan Email Marketing and Management

SpamTitan is an Email marketing and management geared towards assisting businesses of all sizes across diverse industry verticals to control and organize their email flow, cleanse it, and detect malware and phishing to protect the organization against ransomware and prevent internal data loss. The software is equipped with advanced tools that use predictive and analytic methodologies and virus detection engines to filters and block out spam content, viruses, malicious links, malware, spyware, and other email security hazards.

Users can use SpamTitan’s inbound and outbound scanning tools to filter all incoming and outgoing emails and blacklist/whitelist sources. The software also allows users to customize security policies and create personalized blacklists from within the platform. Prominent features include reporting, recipient verification, sandboxing, and outbound email scans.

Pricing: The software offers a free trial with full support. Pricing starts at $0.80 per user per month.

USP: Both Inbound and outbound scanning. Supports both iOS and Windows OS and can be accessed remotely via browser from anywhere at any time. It also has a data recovery feature so you do not have to worry about losing crucial contacts history ever.

Support: Support is extended via email and phone.

Product Advantages: Brilliant detection rate. Quick and effective customer support. Intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Product Limitation: The admin section is not as up-to-date as ir should be. Requires some getting used to, some settings block out the non-spam emails too and that gets troublesome sometimes.

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