TextMagic is a cloud-based bulk SMS solution that allows the users to send bulk SMS, notifications, alerts, confirmations, reminders and campaigns for businesses. The users can also send SMS to customers, suppliers and staff and can even send bulk SMS to various countries by logging into their account. Through TextMagic, various emails can be converted into SMS and can be delivered to mobile phones which improves efficiency and productivity.

The SMS gateway function can be flawlessly combined with other systems which allows the users to send SMS directly from the app. Textmagic is available for both PC and Mac. The platform enables the users to send and receive SMS by using a single platform.

Benefits: TextMagic allows users to send short messages to customers, suppliers and staff members with maximum accuracy. It offers users to import and manage contacts by using single platform. It improves communication which helps the businesses grow. It shows sender ID as the name of company which makes branding strong. It supports different languages like Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian etc.

USP: Customer can response to text by using voice call forwarding feature.

Limitations: Unnecessary notifications. There is no reason to send an email if someone unsubscribes to the messages.

Pricing: TextMagic is free for trial version and it costs 0.040$ per text in US and 0.068$ per text in UK.

Support: The support is available through emails, phone, live chat, tickets and training documents.

TextMagic Bulk SMS Solution

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