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TheraPlatform is the perfect solution for speech therapists looking for All-in-One EMR software. TheraPlatform is web-based telehealth software that's HIPAA-compliant and allows clinicians and health care providers to deliver online treatments. Whether you're conducting individual therapy sessions or group classes, this software makes it easy to connect with your clients and provide the best possible care. With the video conferencing feature, you can create an engaging and interactive experience for your clients - no matter where they are. 

This Speech therapy software streamlines your practice with comprehensive features like scheduling, documentation, paperless intake/consent forms, note templates, billing, and e-claims. Plus, the built-in Telehealth feature includes a built-in whiteboard, screen-sharing, resource library, and more.  

TheraPlatform Software Key Features

Virtual Therapy   

The Theraplatform software enables therapists to conduct live, two-way video sessions with their patients from any location. The software also allows therapists to securely store and share patient files, as well as to create custom treatment plans and track patient progress. Moreover, the system allows therapists to bill for their services electronically and receive payments directly from insurers.

Simplify Scheduling  

With Theraplatform's Simplify Scheduling feature, you can easily schedule appointments and keep track of your documentation all in one place. This means less time spent on administrative tasks, and more time spent with your patients. In addition, this is incredibly user-friendly, so you'll be able to quickly get started using the platform without any headaches.  

E-Claims and Billing  

With the software, you can easily submit insurance claims and get paid for your services. The platform includes a built-in billing feature so you can easily send invoices to your patients. The system makes it easy to get paid for your services so you can focus on what's important - providing the best possible care for your patients.  

Theraplatform Software Pricing  

Theraplatform pricing starts from $29.00 /month for the Basic plan. The Pro plan starts at $39.00 /month with additional features for billing, scheduling, claims, and telehealth. The software also offers a free version so you can get an idea of basic features without paying anything. 

Software Demo  

You can schedule a free demo of the software to see how it can help you streamline your speech therapy practice. The demo will take you through the key features of the software and show you how to use it.  


Theraplatform has many positive reviews from customers. The software is simple to use and helps clinicians save time on paperwork. The system is praised by its users for its excellent customer service support and for its Telehealth feature as it helps clinicians connect with patients who are in different locations. You can read more reviews about software in our review section.  

Our Thoughts  

If you're looking for a way to streamline your speech therapy practice, Theraplatform EHR is the perfect solution. The software is designed to help clinicians retain clients and multiply referrals. It is a user-friendly platform that provides a variety of features, including assessment tools, progress tracking, and data management. Overall, the software is a great speech therapy software for clinicians and therapists. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does TheraPlatform have an app?

TheraPlatform offers 20 built-in apps that are interactive on both ends.

How do you use TheraPlatform?

Schedule your TheraPlatform demo to learn how you can use this platform.

Is TheraPlatform an EHR?

Yes, TheraPlatform is a secure practice management EMR/EHR.

TheraPlatform Software Pricing

Small Organization

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Large Organization

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TheraPlatform Software reviews

Overall Rating

7 Reviews


It offers everything you’d need to manage a mental health practice.

March 2023

Jazmin R.

Mental Healthcare

It is quite literally the easiest software to use for patient management. It is Thera’s value for money that won me over. My patients have appreciated the ease of use and the level of reach they’ve had with the telehealth features it offers. The video call can be done directly from the portal. It is very convenient to take notes on the whiteboard while i’m in a session which totally eliminates the need for me to keep a notebook anymore.
Creating custom forms is a mess with this software. I deal with mostly the same clients so need slightly different, but essentially the same forms for thm. However, I cannot just copy and paste an entry from another form to a new one and just change the options in a multiple choice question, for example. It forces you to go and rewrite the entire question all over again. So, I just make a new form every time instead, which is annoying to say the least. And it’s a small issue to even mention, but I'd like a “save” button on the top of a document instead of just the bottom.

Highly Affordable

March 2023

Suzanne D.


The application is very affordable. Considering the number of features offered by the software; I like the price charged against it. Initially, I thought that it might be a little expensive to buy the software, but it was only until I did my research and found out the number of features the app provides and the benefits it would provide me and my department. Scheduling appointments, keeping a track of them, and accessing patient information have never felt so easier. Thanks to the tools offered by this application that helped solve these issues for me.
One of the things that expect to be added to the software is the option to ask the patients to prepay for the sessions. This option is not available yet and therefore, I can only ask my clients for the payment once they have entered the virtual meeting room. It is not possible before that. As a therapist, I would be glad if this option is given as I always ask my patients to pay some amount in advance.

I like the third-party integration feature of the app

March 2023

Michelle O.


Other than the fact that the application is very easy to use, I would give special applause to the developers for providing the option of third-party integration. Therefore, I can connect the application with my drive as well to store important information relevant to medical therapies. As a result, I can access all of the documents and information by using this single program. I can quickly access the software and log in to my account, where my clients are already waiting and start with my work immediately.
I had trouble entering my card details as the system was not able to process them. The disturbing part was that I was entering all of my details correctly but still the software was showing an error. Thereby, I had to contact the support team to get the issue sorted. But otherwise, once the issue was resolved, I never faced a similar one ever again. So, this is the only thing that I disliked about the application.

User-friendly Interface and diverse features

March 2023

Rachel A.

Healthcare Professional

The software has a sophisticated yet user-friendly layout. The entire application is very easy to use. The best part about the application which I like the most is the diversity of capabilities it offers. The thing that I enjoy the most is that the software is a complete package. I can easily schedule an appointment with my patients and keep track of it. In case I forget about the appointment, the software gives a reminder for all the scheduled activities, including the appointments as well. Overall, I am really happy with the features of the application and its ease of use.
The only thing that I initially had a problem with was that the software does not offer a free trial. Therefore, the only way to find out if the program would work for you is to actually pay it first and try it out later. So, I had double thoughts before paying for the software because the only way to ensure anything about it was through the demo videos. Luckily, the application worked well for me. My only suggestion is to provide the option of a free trial for the newbies.

The comprehensive features cover all aspects of patient management.

February 2023

Victor J.

Healthcare Clinic

I found the application very simple to use and easy to customize as well. I was new to this program and thought adjusting to the new software would be challenging and time-consuming. However, the app's user-friendliness makes it easy for me to get used to it. The best part about the software is its extensive range of features. The application covers everything from invoicing to patient enrollment and treatment options. It helped transform patient management for the entire department, making the process smooth and efficient.
In my opinion, customer support is the only lagging part of the software. Although they do respond actively it feels like they are not well aware of the system. The representative should be given at least the basic knowledge of sorting out the minimal issues so that the customers don’t have to wait for a long time to get their issues resolved. This is the only thing that I think needs to be fixed.

Very price friendly software for behavioral health facilities.

December 2022

Sam L. Leon


The software is very intuitive and offers a good user experience for clinicians. My patients like that it is easy to use and they have to access telehealth features through the patient's portal. The video calling feature is impeccable. I really like the whiteboard tool which allows me to share notes and resources during the sessions if someone wants to have access to them. The pricing of the software is very light on the pocket for small businesses, so the implementation cost is low.
When I am creating my own forms, the process can be difficult, because I will need to move it to the place where it should be. Sometimes when I create multi-choice questionnaires I wish I had the option to hit copy and alter questions. I want there to be a save button on top place on the page instead on the bottom of the page. It might be a minor issue, but it can be made better.

Great for mental healthcare professionals and comes with its own virtual office space

October 2022

Marika D.

Private Practice

The feature that appeals to me the most is that it gives me access to a private practice-specific virtual office that is safe and simple to use. Additionally, it has features tailored to the needs of US-based psychologists, mental health professionals, and others. It is a great commercial option for school districts, colleges, and other organizations looking to provide low-cost or free online treatment services.
I almost always have to sign out, sign back in, and troubleshoot throughout a session. It feels like they don’t pay attention to our complaints since they have been persistent for a while now. There are a lot of features that don’t function, and the customer support is average.

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