Valant is a cloud-based EHR software suite that allows behavioral health practitioners, clinicians, and agencies to increase efficiency, streamline documentation, and enhance the productivity of their practices. Key features include treatment planning, billing, appointment scheduling, practice management, patient portal, reporting, and medication management. Users don't need to navigate through documentation templates and billing codes for other specialties as the software focuses primarily on behavioral health. It collects data from providers and patients, documents them with guided protocols, and stores them in a secure manner. Reports and actionable insights are then generated based on the collected data. Valant EHR includes a library of outcome measures, which clinicians can utilize and track overtime.

The platform allows patients to complete assessments from the ease of their homes in session with the clinician or using the patient portal. Either way, their results are securely stored in patient records. Valant offers an extensible and scalable data model of the system to help users visualize, extract, and report data in real-time. Their documentation templates come with click-to-narrative technology to simplify the process of creating structured notes and reduce typing.

The software supports integrated features within the product to allow data to be made accessible on different tools such as scheduling, clinical notes, business report, and billing. Information such as medication and diagnosis can be accessed directly from the patient chart. Valant's practice management suite eliminates manual data entry by generating charges directly from the calendar. With their reporting features, users can review all aspects of the revenue cycle and other clinical reports. Patients can also receive statements electronically and view their balances through their portals.

Price: The software offers subscription-based pricing plans. Their pricing packages are not available publicly. Users can request the vendor for additional details, and ask for a quote.

Free Trial: Not mentioned. It offers a free demo.

Support: Valant EHR offers business hours and online support.

USP: As the EHR system is cloud-based, it can be used on iPads and other mobile devices. The software’s user interface is designed to work like a mobile application, ensuring it is intuitive and requires little training.

Product Advantages: Users can configure and customize the software as per their requirements. Valant offers IT Support Set up to comply with insurance. Easy to navigate through screens. It allows users to manage client medical records, process insurance EOB's, bill insurance companies, and customize note templates through a central unit.

Product Limitations: Users can’t view patient demographics while transferring information. It is limited to specific web browsers. Customer service is not so responsive. 

Valant EHR

Valant EHR reviews

Overall Rating

3 Reviews



The Renovo Center

11-50 employees

January 2020

Professional and friendly customer service.

The Valant system is pretty great. It runs a tight ship that requires each and every piece to be in its place before we can do the signing or billing. It also has many checkpoints along the way. The customer service team is great. They’re very professional and friendly.

We’ve still been using the old browsers and they’re pretty slow.


Pine Creek Wellness Center

2-10 employees

November 2019

The clinical measures are amazing!!

The clinical measures of this product are amazing and have been a revolution for me and how I practiced. It has made helped us provide better patient care. It saves a lot of our time. Billing is a lot easier with it. It is specific to behavioral health which is what makes it great for us, and the integrated billing software is a lot easier to use.

Occasionally, the system gets real slow. We’ve been waiting for the Valant IO update for quite a long time, it’s taking way too much time.


Salem Psychiatric Association / Valley Mental Health

11-50 employees

November 2019

Better Patient Care

Valant is a great tool for us. It helps us with patient care every single day. The software is user-friendly for medical professionals. We’ve been using Valant for about 7 years now. It is a helpful tool.

We’ve talked with Valant’s team and they’re willing to work with us and make some changes to the system. I would really like it if they personalized the overall patient face page to help us with specific needs although I know it might not be doable.

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