Workbooks is a customer relation management (CRM) application that allows sales related persons such as sales leaders, sales people and marketers to create leads, tackle with the sales channel, close deals and make teams more creatively and efficiently. Workbook is a cloud-based CRM software which helps business to manage sales, customer support and marketing. It also manages operational work for finance and sales teams.

Workbooks is one of the best Customer Relation management software which is used by Indian businesses widely. Through Workbooks, users can keep the record of online campaigns. The platform allows the users to identify the keywords that generate the most leads.

Benefits: It keeps the record of all transactions, activities and emails between people and their clients or with people they deal with. It also helps users to design future interactions by using the feature of customer service.

USP: Users can create different types of leads which can be allocated to sales team. The whole work process can be traced for better performance.

Pricing: Workbooks is available for free but only for 2 users. CRM version comes at 30$ per month and the CRM pro comes at 50$ per month.

Support: Support is provided through email, phone, live support, tickets and training.

WorkBooks CRM Application

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