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Xledger is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for mid-sized and large businesses. It was designed for the cloud so that it can easily be accessed from anywhere and at any time. This ERP solution was created by keeping the customers in mind. It provides automated ERP solutions to 10,000+ clients in 50+ countries.

The software has three value pillars that it follows: automation, insight, and scalability. It automates the processes ranging from bank reconciliation to invoice entry. Provides real-time insight which supports the decision-making process. It helps businesses grow in size and scope without the need for extra personnel required to operate, support and maintain data on the ERP system.

Xledger provides features like billing, invoicing, real-time reporting, graphs, dashboards, time and expense tracking, business intelligence and analytical tools, workflow collaborations, payroll management, asset management, accounts receivable and payable management, etc. The changes made by users are in real-time, making the data accurate and reliable.

The software offers its services on a monthly subscription basis.

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July 2017



Xledger is a very user-friendly product. It doesn’t take much time to be implemented. The features that this product offer’s is super- amazing, they have so much to offer in comparison to other software products. The product is cloud-based and is not expensive at all. With so less price it offers great value and support. It is a very well-designed product and they do listen to your suggestions for the products future development. This product is recommended to anyone who works on multiple projects.
It would be super amazing if they add a link to the payroll and that there would be more integrations possible with client records.

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Call us at

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