Ace is an open-API accounting tool that is based on cloud, and it is designed for the large-scale business organizations, as well as the small to medium scale enterprises (SMEs). This tool has been developed following a robust modular approach which is fairly different that the typical modular techniques. Typically, the software tools are developed in the form of different segments that perform their respective functionality. However, as signified earlier, Ace follows a different approach, where Ace is a base tool that offers the entire functionality of a modern day’s accounting software; however, tits performance and functionality can be supported by various add-ons such as AceLot, X-ise, and offLine. The software is basically a desktop tool that is supported by both windows and MacOS.

Ace packs various robust features in it such as account building, automated processes, customized payment plans, client’s contact details storage features, and open office letter templates that can be utilized to write customized e-mail, messages, and also to post invoices. The software can also be linked with SQL database to store and utilize the information.

Price: The price of this tool varies vastly with respect to its application, however, its starts from $975/month.

Support: Tech support can be accessed by tickets, email, phone, live support, and training.

USP: The development team of Ace has packed the tool with various innovative features such as “automated SQL database backups” and “automated file handling and management” which is not common in such tools.

Product Advantage: The software is very easy to implement and utilize. Furthermore, minor.

Product Limitations: The user interface of the software is very outdated, and it does not appear modern by today’s standards.


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