AdvancedMD EHR Software

AdvancedMD EHR software suite for independent practices. Founded in 1999 and based in South Jordan, Utah, the vendor serves an expansive national footprint of more than 22,500 practitioners across 8,000 practices and 600 medical billing companies. Nearly 3.5M insurance claims are processed monthly on the AdvancedMD billing platform.

Features include practice management, electronic health records, telemedicine, patient relationship management, business analytics reporting, and physician-performance benchmarking. AdvancedMD EHR Software offers a flexible outsourced billing option for practices looking to use a third-party billing company.

As an ONC 2014 Certified EHR, AdvancedMD EMR software meets and satisfies all the MACRA and HIPAA requirements and is browser agnostic (runs on nearly any device including Mac and Windows operating systems). Mobile users can stay connected at the point of care with the help of a mobile app, AdvancedMobile.

Advancedmd ehr recently introduced a smart practice dashboard that displays a practice’s frequently-performed workflow elements in a single location for a convenient way to manage tasks with greater ease and speed. The user gets a scheduled snapshot & task lists showing work volume along with critical items prioritizing what elements are most vital.

AdvancedMD Pricing:  AdvancedMD offers flexible pricing options. Small practices with low patient volume qualify for encounter-based pricing, which is $1.42 per encounter for their standalone product, while integrated software is for $2.18 per encounter.  For the standard monthly subscription model, the integrated EMR and PM is priced at $729/month/provider. To get a customized quote, please click the Get Pricing button. 

Free Trial: No 

CEHRT: 2015

AdvancedMD pros:  AdvancedMD EMR has high specialty content and is ideal for complex specialties. The reputation management system is another plus as it helps physicians improve their service delivery to their patients. 

AdvancedMD cons: It is more expensive than its competitors. The average price for similar integrated solutions in the market is $400 to $500. 

AdvancedMD Software System requirements: 


Apple: Support of iMac, Mac Mini, & Macbook models running the most current OS. 

Advance MD is not optimized for touchscreen tablet devices, except for iPhone and iPad iOS app.

iPhone & iPad 

iPad Pro or newer

iOS 11 or newer 

AdvancedMD EHR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

Can I get AdvancedMD EMR for free?

AdvancedMD EMR and Practice Management Software are free for users who sign up for AdvancedMD Medical billing service.

Does AdvancedMD provide telehealth software?

AdvancedMD has its telehealth software. You can opt for a stand-alone telehealth module or telehealth integrated with EMR if you decide to sign up with AdvancedMD.

How does AdvancedMD offer support?

AdvancedMD offers support through email, phone, and live chat.

How much does AdvancedMD cost?

AdvancedMD has both per visit and monthly subscription models for its clients.

Its stand-alone medical practice management software is priced at $429 per provider per month. For its integrated EMR and Practice Management solution, pricing starts at $729 per provider per month. Factors like medical specialty, full or part-time providers also influence the price.

Please fill in the get pricing form on this page to get a detailed quote for your organization.

Top AdvancedMD EHR feature List?

  • - EMR
  • - PM
  • - Telemedicine software - standalone & integrated with AdvancedMD EHR
  • -  Patient Portal
  • - iOS Mobile apps
  • - MACRA & MIPS compliant 
  • - Secure Document Exchange 
  • - Immunization Registry Reporting 
  • - Dedicated Account Manager 
  • - AdvancedMD billing Service 

Which Clearinghouse does AdvancedMD EMR software use?

AdvancedMD primarily works with Change Healthcare clearinghouse. The company does not charge extra for clearinghouse usage, and the fees incurred are built into the overall pricing.

AdvancedMD EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

82 Reviews


Ideal for our practice

April 2021


Antora Medical Health - 10-49

It is simple and has enough customization to make it perfect for our practice. Managing insurance claims is now a breeze.
Updating patient information is not as intuitive as the other features.

Great Software

March 2021


Hospital and health care - 1

The most excellent feature is the capacity to work on my iPhone and iPad. I am extremely busy and not continuously able to sit on my desktop to work so this feature is pivotal for me.
It was a bit troublesome to memorize how to customize formats but once you get the hang of it, Its simple to work with

A proper software

March 2021


Medical Practice - 2-9

In the fields of medical and counseling programs, every employee can use the same program. The software can be customized according to your own preferences.
Sometimes AdvancedMD doesn't work with google and some parts of the settings are difficult to find so it can be customized to make it easier.


March 2021


Practice - 2-9

The teaching tutorials they use are good.
Extremely HARD to use. I have to save everything myself, it doesn't autosave. I would never recommend this to anyone.

Incredible Software

February 2021


Medical Physics - 100-499

Outstanding customer service. The Claim Center gives permission for the analysis of the charges before sending it to the insurance company.
One of the demerits of the method is that it requires the system to know how to write automated write-offs.

AdvancedMD EHR Review

February 2021


Medical Practice - 50-99

It is really simple and easily understandable. The customer service is great and apart from this training videos are also available at all times which makes its use easier.
Some demerits of this EHR include a lack of ability to productively track prior authorization. The payment plans for patients are usually not available in the accounts but they are working on enhancing the system.

Exceptional features

November 2020

Kelly F

COO - 51-200 employees

AdvancedMD is a clever software. It covers everything you need in an EMR. It is also not as expensive as its competitors.
No serious cons. I love this software.

Complicated but good

November 2020


Rehab solutions - 11-50 employees

Although it is a great software it took me a lot of time to put things into one place. The software is very customizable.
We have a hard time troubleshooting software problems due to the complexity of the software. The customer support is really really bad. It takes them ages to respond back.

Excellent Customer Support

October 2020


Jackson Psychiatry Group - 2-10 employees

The customer support is great. If you ever have a problem they will be nice enough to fix it as soon as possible. The software is easy to navigate and very useful. Reporting tools are very useful.
It's too much for you if you are a small practice. It is very expensive compared to its competitors.

Perfect for Small practices

October 2020

Darin P

CSO - 2-10 employees

I love how AdvancedMD offers a great deal of customization. I would give full marks to the features.
You need to put in a lot of time in the beginning to get a hang of it.

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Call us at

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