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Aha! Roadmaps is a complete project management solution and allow users to design strategies, formulate ideas, develop features and share their visual business plans. There are additional tools that allow teams to get instant feedback from large teams. The software is trusted by 50,000 users from over 5,000 companies. The cloud-based solution has helped launch successful projects all across the world. 

The company has been around since 2013 and is dedicated to facilitating product development with the right tools. They believe project management is critical to developing robust software and their tools are a testament to that. Managers and employees have more freedom to innovate with the Aha! Tools at their disposal. The features included are customer-centered and help with developing a roadmap for the launch. Users can develop ideas, schedule releases, and work on their product strategy from a single window. 

This is a project management software for project managers who want to get their team on the right track. Aha! Has many features for monitoring ideas, stories, and progress. The prioritizing of tasks make sure products are always positioned first. Users can publish their roadmaps, notes, and other ideas to inspire their team members. Aha! has helped many teams streamline their communication and data sharing. Project managers are always aware of what is happening and keep an eye on changes. Product releases are always on time with real-time document sharing and strategy building.  

Aha! Pricing: Aha! Offers premium, enterprise and enterprise plus packages which start at $59 per month. They are billed annually and per user. The software does not have a free version but they do offer a free trial. 

Aha! Project Management Pros: The tool supports all types of methodology and provides the discipline required for the success of any project. The company can customize features based on the business type and industry. It is much easier to organize teams and group together similar suggestions or requests for ease of access.  

Aha! Project Management Cons: The UI is slower and does not respond to changes unless you manually refresh the page. It is a bit confusing for new users to learn because of the similarities between the appearance of different features and functions. The software lacks the intuitiveness other competitors offer. 

Highlighted Features

Easy Strategizing: The software makes it easy for managers to create a plan with the roadmap feature. They can add their goals, targets, and initiatives to build a complete product strategy. Templates are available to help them along. There are also calendars to plan each stage of the project in detail. 

Work Definitions: Managers can list in detail what is required of each task and have it all available in one place. They can drag and drop cards to mark their status or add work dependencies. Adding more information or updating the progress requires only a single click.  

Time Management: The software helps users visualize the project progress and track the timing of each initiative. It is easier to make sure your project is launched on time because users can monitor all tasks from their dashboard. They can view the deliverables, dependencies, estimate the time of completion for multiple teams. Submission is always on time because of the automated reminders. 

Idea Sharing: The platform supports the sharing of ideas from clients, colleagues, and external users. They have a single portal where everyone can add their feedback or pitches with the managers. The feedback can be ranked, grouped, and sorted to put the best ones on top. These ideas can be added to the roadmap from there.

Aha! Software reviews

Overall Rating

4 Reviews


Satisfied with Aha!

September 2021


Axos Bank

With Aha! The ability to create and change schedules and reports appeals to me. We enjoy the ability to construct a variety of reports with many slices of data by simply adding or deleting criteria rather than starting from scratch.
I do admit there is a bit of a learning curve with Aha! Plus the system is not very intuitive.

Good Project Management Tool

August 2021



With Aha! customization and reporting are fantastic. I appreciate that the integration possibilities are flexible and straightforward to set up and support is quite quick to respond.
Navigation is a bit difficult, especially for new users.

Didn't workout for us!

July 2021



Their logo is pretty eye-catching and that's about it.
The support is not very helpful nor responsive; It's near to impossible to get a reply from them. The system itself isn't very customizable or user-friendly.

One of the best support team out there!

June 2021



The outstanding Support Team has made all the difference in our ability to use Aha! to manage projects efficiently. I like that the information base, video tutorials, and frequently presented training are of the highest quality. Would definitely recommend Aha!
The only thing we found difficult was determining the workspace structure but the support team helped us through it all.

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Call us at

(661) 384-7070