Aplos is a cloud-based accounting software solution designed for churches and non-profit organizations. It comes in two options: a stand-alone system or the accounting solution within an integrated suite. The software was founded in 2009 and its cloud-based, non-profit solution was released in 2011. It has helped over 40,000 organizations, in more than 50 countries, with more than $200 million in transactions.

Aplos accounting tool includes features like fund transactions, budgeting, bill tracking and payment, invoicing, financial reporting, manage finance, track cash flow etc. The integrated suite option includes all of the accounting tool features with online donation management, contribution management and reporting functionalities.

The solution includes creation of balance sheets, income statements, fund balances, and allows to create custom reports and storing contributor’s information in a single, central repository to keep track of all the event records, personal data, donation history and more. It caters to non-profit organizations and churches of all sizes. Aplos demo can be requested upon request, they also offer a 15-day free trial period.

Aplos reviews

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It is the best out of all.

April 2018


Desert Outreach Synagogue

The software is user-friendly. Its price is reasonable. I have been using it for quite a while and have never faced any security or data breaching issues, knowing that it is all online and on cloud. It generates flexible reports. I can easily access records, information and generate reports at any time. Its customer service is really great and always there to help. I recommend this software to everyone. The product is amazing, and its customer service is very helpful.
They don’t mention anything about the donor statements in their tutorials, so it takes a lot of time to figure it out on your own. But, once you’re able to figure it out, then it’s all easy. The donor statement can only be posted from the contributions screen and no other screen.

Great software

March 2018


The HelpMe Foundation

This software is very user-friendly, anyone can easily use it without any trainings. It is a great software, they also offer free web tools with which obtaining funds becomes easier. Any non-profit organization or church should use it as it easy to use.
The new update of the bank integration module was neither that great nor user-friendly at all, kind of messed up a lot of things, especially the ease of using it. When they added the donor management module, there was an extra fee added for it which was equivalent to the monthly fee.

Creative Software

January 2017


Waves of Faith

The software is affordable, anyone can get it. We were very pleased with this software, but because the church got merged with another church we gave up Aplos as they already had an accounting software which they purchased. Although, I am trying to bring them towards Aplos. Aplos is easy to use, and especially to those with no accounting background. It is on cloud, so easy to access.
It’s just that the reports do not give out the results that I want, I am kind of a selective person.

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Call us at

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