This particular software tool is offered in two major versions, one of which is a cloud-based version, whereas the other one is an on-premise version that can be installed on the company’s servers. The core purpose of this software is to be utilized as a debt management tool. This tool has been designed with a close consideration to the governmental institutions and departments, as their financial policies are fairly different than the ones practiced by the business organizations. However, the software can also function efficiently in the typical business organizations too. Beyond ARM is available for Windows OS, Android, and MAC OS users.

The key features of this tool include risk scoring, prediction-based dialing, credit reporting, and analysis. Beyond ARM also includes various modern features, such as its ability to add e- signatures, and secure placement, processing and presentation of company transactions, as well as the documents.

Price: The price of this software tool is different for both versions; however, it starts from $850/month for its latest version.

Support: Tech support can be accessed by e-mail and phone.

USP: The software can be integrated/linked with the QwikDial to make this software function as an inbound IVR within the organization.

Product Advantages: The software’s customizability makes it a versatile software for different applications.

Product limitations: The software is not user friendly and it takes a lot of time for its users to get used-to the software.

Beyond ARM

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