The CaseTrackerLaw is an accounting tool that follows a specialized approach towards debt management, while also targeting the contact management, commission management, compliance management, and callback scheduling. The tool is available for Windows OS, Mac OS, iOS, and android.

The tool packs certain management features such as commission management, credit bureau management, transaction management, and follow-up call scheduling. One major attribute of this tool is that it also packs robust access specifiers that can be utilized by the main user of this tool to grant/revoke the access of this tool to other team members to expand/collapse the area of operations. Furthermore, the built-in dashboard allows the users to track their activities and targets in real-time, making their working more efficient.

Price: The starting price of this tool is $599 or $99/month.

Support: Tech support can be accessed by email or phone.

USP: The CaseTrackerLaw comes with a web-based dashboard that allows its users to monitor and control the functionality of the software. Furthermore, the software has also built-in access specifiers to support resource sharing between the team members.

Product Advantages: The software comes with a very interactive UI, and it is backed by a very reliable customer support team.

Product limitations: The software is very standardized, and it is not easy to customize.


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