Clearview InFocus is a project-based ERP solution built for architects and engineering firms to manage their project lifecycle from the opportunity to project completion with tools for real-time accounting, billing and time and expense. Geared towards mid-to-large Architecture and Engineering firms, InFocus offers a success-oriented all-in-one product for one industry so AE firms have access to tailored support and innovation to win more business.

The software offers a variety of innovative and robust features including customizable report-building and invoicing capabilities, marketing, and sales customer relationship management tools, interactive Gantt control, tools for automating workflows, multiple levels for work breakdown structure, business intelligence with analytics dashboards and more. These features combined with InFocus's API management layer and cross-database analytics, integrated in real-time, give Clearview a competitive edge over any other ERP solution in the market. Both cloud-based and on-premise deployments are available.

Pricing: Pricing packages are license-based. For the cloud-based version, it costs $29/month and for the annual package, $24/month. For the in-house version, there is a one-time license fee of $495.

USP: All-rounded ERP systems with high customizability and scalability in attractive low prices make InFocus an ultimate choice for growing AE firms.

Support: Support is available via phone, email, online tutorials, and self-guided courses.

Product Advantages: It's easy to navigate. Intuitive interface. Great support. Customization in data presentations, security, permissions, and reports.

Product Limitations: Requests take approximately 4 times longer to process than when we tested it as a local SQL installation. No integration support with external payroll software.

ClearView InFocus ERP

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