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ClickUp is a cloud-based project management and collaboration tool which is suitable for businesses of all scales and industries. It facilitates communication, task assignment, toolbar, alerts, statuses, and much more. It is an all-in-one tool and eliminates the need for multiple organizational and workflow management software.  

The platform has an intuitive design that is easy to use for all organizations. The tool is completely customizable and has proprietary features to help agile teams keep everything in one place. The software promotes collaboration on design and development. It can integrate with third-party applications such as GitHub, Harvest, Slack, Time Doctor, and many others.  

ClickUp has modular functions in the form of ‘Clickups’ which allow users to customize items for each team. There are flagship features that make assigning comments and creating image mockups very simple. There is complete transparency and project members are on the same page. The interface makes it easier to organize sales cycles as well as software development projects. There are controls to alter the complexity of the workflow according to the nature of the business.  

ClickUp offers viewing options in three different modes: developer, manager, and team member. Account types are categorized for users so their dashboard is organized. Teams can create action items, add comments and assign responsibility to the relevant user. There are also options to track the progress on comments and mark them as resolved or assigned custom labels based on their status. 

ClickUp Pricing: ClickUp offers a free version with the option to create unlimited tasks and up to 100 MB of storage space. Companies can subscribe to the unlimited package or business version to gain unlimited storage, reporting, guest access, email automation, and other features. There is a free trial available as well.  

ClickUp Project Management Pros: The software is useful for receiving client feedback and communicating between multiple departments. Clients can track the progress of specific tasks with ease. Automation is much easier and the setup is very straightforward. Users can easily import data from third-party software. 

ClickUp Project Management Cons: The display is not as vibrant as the competitors and it lacks customization of fonts, backgrounds, and colors. The email integration tool also has some glitches which make replying from within the software impossible. It has limited functionality for assigning KPIs to a project and setting their baseline values. 

Highlighted Features 

Multi-task Management: Teams can make changes to multiple tasks with a single click. They can change the status, add updates, and archive tasks with ease. The software sends out instant notifications to the concerned users. There is a rich formatting tool for the interface so users only see what they want. Complex markdown options are also available. 

Dashboard View: Three dashboard views are a part of ClickUp’s flagship software. These include the List, Box, and Board view and users can choose the most appealing one. Each one has a specific way of displaying tasks and making both high-level and low-level activities visible in a single space. 

Notification Configuration: Users can edit their notification preferences and only be updated on specific items. These alerts include mentions, comments, attachment uploads, and other actions taken on a task. The notification bar clears automatically once you have checked them. 

Group Management: The ClickUp tree structure allows managing groups instead of lists of tasks. Projects are broken down into phases and have their own dashboard. The design and development teams can work together and share their deliverables directly. The comments are visible in a thread view so each member is up-to-date on the communication. Images can be shared directly and organized according to assignees.

ClickUp Software reviews

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2 Reviews


Great Task Management with ClickUp!

August 2021



For us, Clickups simply gave a more efficient and straightforward method of achieving greater outcomes. I admire that ClickUp is extremely adaptable as compared to other systems. Also, my teams utilize it to keep track of the repeated jobs in their areas efficiently.
No software is 100% efficient, obviously, there are some things that are missing. But, the overall performance is much better as compared to other systems.

Clickup lived up to their reputation!

July 2021


Interactive Partners

We use clickups to handle a variety of projects in several departments. It's easy to use and operate. I also loved how simple it was to switch from Jira to Clickup.
It was hard to get the hang of the system first but now it's working smoothly.

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Call us at

(661) 384-7070