CodoniXnotes EHR Software

What is CodoniXNotes EHR?


CodoniXNotes is a practice management software that is designed by practicing physicians. The electronic health record platform serves as a database for patient records, and appointments, which allows medical facilities to go paperless confidently and build a highly cooperative system where everything is synchronized.

CodoniX employs features such as E-prescription, automatic patient follow-ups, tracker boards, CMS auditing, and 3rd party integrations to provide custom EHR solutions that are required by healthcare setups.

Now, the managerial staff can eliminate task accumulation and focus on time-consuming projects more efficiently and effectively.

What is CodoniXNotes Best for?

CodoniXNotes Software is best for organizing and managing patient files and records. The medical staff and physicians can input all the necessary data into built-in templates. Some of the templates include routine order worksheets, where a patient’s routine is entered, physician notes, where s/he can write down detailed notes on analysis and treatment, and prescription worksheets, where details about different types of drugs and medications are charted.

Another great feature of the EHR is that it allows the automated generation of narrative physician’s notes using voice recognition technology.
It allows physicians to have their own dashboards where they can opt from two different modules. These are; Trackerboard and Previous Lookup. The Trackerboard allows departments to see current patients being treated, whereas, the Previous Lookup module is used to view previous patients.

CodoniXNotes Pricing

CodoniXNotes is available to users on subscription bases. The platform promises not to lock customers in long-term leases or contracts so that they can easily unsubscribe whenever they want.

The starting price for their plan is $498 per month. The whole platform is well-suited for both small and medium-sized organizations.

CodoniXNotes Integrations

CodoniXNotes successfully uses integration to allow healthcare providers to make the most out of the platform. Some of these are:

  • OpenPM
  • Dictation Software
  • Patient Portal Integrations
  • SureScripts

How does CodoniXNotes EHR Work?

In order to get started on your streamlined workflow, you need to follow these steps;

  • After buying a subscription to the software, sign up using your credentials.
  • Customer support will provide you with approved login credentials.
  • Go to your Trackerboard and select the patient you are seeing and enter your details.
  • Now, you can start using features such as patient history, patient orders, prescription writing, billing, insurance, and follow-ups.
  • The software will quickly analyze and display the best responses, such as e-billing, e-prescription, automatic patient follow-up tasks, and over 100 management reports.

Who is CodoniXNotes For?

CodoniXNotes allows healthcare facilities to manage and organize their database effectively. Its innovative task-management system and the multiple-user-chat feature ensure that everyone is on the same page and kept updated about the patient’s condition.

Moreover, Healthcare facilities can comply with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) using CodoniX EHR’s built-in configuration.
Therefore, CodoniXNotes is best for physicians and medical staff that need a digital partner to help coordinate healthcare services and make the process of treatment coherent and transparent.  

CodoniXNotes Features

Some of the many features that individuals can use when they subscribe to the management software include,

  • Scanning Module

The scanning module automatically scans all types of documents including registration, insurance, existing records, registration, and referral letters if any.

  • E-billing

The built-in billing module automatically generates electronic bills. If a payment has been missed and not recorded, the module will automatically send a reminder text about the missing payment.

  • Medical Editor

Users can apply changes to different medications using the medical editor feature within the software.

  • Handwriting Recognition

The software allows handwriting recognition so that the time spent documenting on the EMR can be reduced. Now medical workers can scan notes, prescriptions, and other records, and CodoniXNotes will recognize them and convert them into a digital format.

  • Collaborative Charting

The EMR allows collaborative charting so that clinicians and medical staff can track data over time and monitor the overall quality of care within the practice.

How is CodoniXNotes Different from other Software?

CodoniX is an ONC-ATCB Certified software that claims uniqueness in meeting school-based medical clinic requirements. It allows the school management to build a central repository, where they can save students’ medical records such as immunizations, athletic physicals, and mental health. These records can then be accessed by medical professionals when required.

Is CodoniXNotes Right for Me?

CodoniX is a management tool that not only allows you to cut all transcription services and costs but expensive paper templates and multipart forms as well. The practice management software lets you transition to the digital world of management where you can chart everything electronically.

Not only that, but the program will also automate all those processes that are repeated constantly, saving time and reducing errors.

It will only take an individual 2-5 shifts, to get up to speed with the software. Once they get used to the platform, they become as fast – or faster, compared to any form of charting including check box templates and dictation.

CodoniX provides free and on-demand demos. You can click on the ‘Watch Demo’ tab and get a step-by-step walkthrough of the software.

CodoniXNotes Pricing Breakdown

What’s included
498 / month
  • Scanning Module
  • E-Billing
  • Medical Editor
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • Collaborative Charting


  • Automatically takes care of issues that arise when transitioning from charting to coding.
  • Ease of use.
  • Self-service portal.
  • Voice recognition.


  • Users can’t schedule appointments until all insurance information has been provided.
  • Not able to calculate provider productivity or separate PA visits.
  • Since it is Java-based, the updates can sometimes cause problems. Users need to reinstall the software.
  • Tech support is not always available.

CodoniXnotes EHR Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

CodoniXnotes EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews


Liked it, but had some flaws

June 2022

Geraldine G.

Hospital & Health Care

It was pretty easy to use for me and took care of most of my problems automatically such as coding.
It would have been better if it allowed scheduling easily.

Not the best experience but it works

June 2022

Johnathan S.

Medical Practice

The software can be tricky to use for someone who doesn't have a hang of Java, but otherwise it works super smooth.
Its simpler to use as compared to other EMRs.

Works pretty well

April 2022

Aidy B.

Hospital & Health Care

I did not have a hard time having to learn this software as compared to other softwares.
It needs to have an update as the system looks old as of now.

Seems old school

March 2022

Adriana V.


It has to be noted that this software is very outdated, but it does work when you learn it well.
Could use some touch ups.

Its an okay EMR for urgent care

March 2022

Nick F.

Hospital & Health Care

I found it great that the order screen can be customized to my needs, it works quickly too.
There is an issue with updates that always leaves me asking for help from support. Need that fixed.

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Call us at

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