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B2W construction software can connect precise task information directly to B2W applications for scheduling and field tracking. The software also works with DOT electronic bidding systems and over 30 accounting/ERP platforms such as Viewpoint, Oracle, Dexter + Chaney, Foundation, and QuickBooks. This reduces duplicate data entry and errors even further. 

B2W Software Pricing

The B2W estimate price is not shared publicly. However, quote pricing is available for B2W Software's products and solutions. To obtain the most recent B2W software cost information, please contact the vendor. 

B2W Software Demo 

Go to the demo site and look at the B2W demo to learn more about the software. The demo provides a real-time environment where you can explore the software and its capabilities. 

B2W Software Reviews 

Do you want to know what existing B2W Construction software users have to say about it? B2W estimating reviews are generally good, indicating that customers like the capabilities and recommend them to other construction companies. 

Please leave your feedback in the Reviews section if you have something to say about B2W construction software. 

Our Thoughts 

B2W Estimate software offers centralized, up-to-date cost data and specialized features for estimating and bidding on heavy civil construction projects. The simple, user-friendly solution lets contractors maximize accuracy and speed, focus more on strategy, and win more bids at higher margins. 

B2W Estimate Software Features

B2W Track is the Software's flagship tool for comprehensive project tracking. The module includes tools that allow project managers to keep track of onsite workflow management, payroll, quotes/bids, and finances. The smartphone app, which allows project members to track deliverables from the field in real-time, is a vital tool. They can use the app to update information from the field and record data in offline mode if there is no internet connection.

B2W provides easy-to-use dashboards that make it easier to visualize deliverables and information. You can personalize the dashboards for each project's workflow, allowing you to choose and view the most important deliverables. In addition, project managers can provide appropriate security access levels to each team member, allowing them to see only the information required for their specific deliverables and duties while avoiding viewing additional material that is irrelevant to their job.

B2W’s payroll module assists businesses in transitioning from paper timecards to electronic timecards, allowing managers more flexibility in monitoring and reporting. The data is immediately available after uploading field logs. The software compares the field logs to previous submissions to discover overlapping data and inaccuracies, reducing duplicate hours. Finally, estimators and project managers can generate detailed reports analyzing critical system data to provide a comprehensive picture of project progress.

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Oct 16, 2022

Excellent for bidding and even better for saving time!



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B2W has been wonderful since it has given us more opportunities to bid on projects, which has increased our annual revenue. By displaying the necessary labor and tools for each task, it also aids a new employee or intern in understanding the construction process on their own, saving us time.


Spectrum accounting software integration with B2W is still somewhat difficult for a newcomer. To properly create a budget for upload, we must export to Excel, which takes an hour or two. It would be much better if we could export within the software.

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